Possibly World’s Dumbest Crook Busted For Guns, Drugs After Pub Crawl Shooting – Bearing Arms

Possibly World’s Dumbest Crook Busted For Guns, Drugs After Pub Crawl Shooting – Bearing Arms

There’s a significant disconnect between what many criminals think and what actually is.

You see, most have a tendency to believe they won’t be caught, that they’re some kind of master criminal who is far smarter than the police.

Their criminal arrest records would suggest otherwise.

Sure, they might have gotten away with some stuff, but that was more likely due to dumb luck than any criminal talents they might possess.

And these are often not the dumbest of the bad guys out there.

There are always people like this dipstick who make those guys look like Danny Ocean or Thomas Crown.

One man arrested after shots were fired Saturday in the area of pub crawl was charged Wednesday with allegedly illegally having a gun – but was not charged specifically in connection with about a dozen shots fired.

Lamont Brown, 20, faces five counts, including being a felon in possession of a firearm, drug possession, and bail jumping. He made an initial court appearance Wednesday, where a $20,000 cash bond was set. A preliminary hearing is set for April 25.

It seems that about 9:30 PM on Saturday, the police in Oshkosh responded to reports of “a large physical disturbance” during the unsanctioned pub crawl that apparently meanders through residential neighborhoods and includes house parties somehow. 

Doorbell camera footage shows an argument starting and then four gunshots can be heard.

Needless to say, people scattered.

Yet law enforcement officers were approached by a man who said he thought the person responsible was inside of his home.

The witness told police the man, later identified as Brown, “came into his residence saying he was trying to get away from the shooting (the witness) reported that the male asked him to walk with him to the bathroom. There the male showed (the witness) a black handgun. The male told (him) not to tell anyone about this,” the complaint states.

Police searched the residence, finding a Glock handgun. The weapon did not belong to anyone living there.

The weapon was, in fact, loaded, which isn’t exactly shocking. 

I can’t help but wonder what in the world possessed Brown to reportedly tell the resident about the gun in the first place. While it’s unclear if Brown and the resident knew one another, it still seems kind of stupid to just announce that you have a gun while also saying you’re trying to get away from a shooting.

Seems a little sus, as the kids say.

Unsurprisingly, the police figured the same thing.

Brown was promptly arrested and will now get a day in court where he can try to explain all of this away. I doubt he’ll be able to–he’ll probably come up with something super original yet believable like, “the gun isn’t mine”–but he’ll get the day just the same.

While anything could, hypothetically happen, I suspect that Brown will enjoy the services of the Wisconsin penal system for a few years, all time in which he can rethink his life choices. However, since he was reportedly stupid enough to just announce he left a shooting while carrying a firearm, particularly to someone who doesn’t sound like his closest friend, I doubt he’ll do much thinking during that time.

It’s a shame, too. It sounds like something he should take up while he has some time on his hands.

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