Rep. Comer Pushes Pentagon for Osprey Crash Info

Rep. Comer Pushes Pentagon for Osprey Crash Info

House Oversight Committee Chair James Comer, R-Ky., called on the Pentagon to release information about a fatal crash of an Osprey hybrid aircraft last month and other fatal crashes over the past three decades.

Eight U.S. servicemembers died after an Osprey crashed just off Yakushima Island in southwestern Japan on Nov. 29, prompting the military to ground its entire fleet of CV-22 Ospreys in an attempt to “mitigate risk” while the crash is investigated.

Comer, in a statement Thursday, noted that Osprey aircraft have been involved in dozens of crashes over the past 30 years that killed more than 50 American troops and called on the Pentagon to display transparency and accountability.

“The Committee remains concerned about safety and performance issues surrounding the Osprey program,” Comer wrote. “It is crucial for the safety of our servicemembers to ensure transparency, accountability, and a thorough understanding of the steps [the Pentagon] is taking to mitigate any further mechanical risks.”

He added: “Given the gravity of the loss of servicemembers’ lives, increasing costs, and the future economic impact and innovative applications of Osprey program technology, the Committee requests documents and information to shed light on aspects of the program’s safety and performance.”

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