Rep. McCormick to Newsmax: GOP’s Effort to Fill Speaker’s Post Is Maddening

Rep. McCormick to Newsmax: GOP’s Effort to Fill Speaker’s Post Is Maddening

Rep. Rich McCormick, R-Ga., in an interview with Newsmax, says the unsuccessful effort by Republicans to name a House speaker is both maddening and frustrating.

On Friday, during an interview on “National Report,” McCormick said the melee was creating issues on all fronts, after House Majority Leader Steve Scalise, R-La., withdrew his name from consideration.

“It’s frustrating for most people up here, I guess,” McCormick said. “Several members who have family in hospice or who have small children haven’t been home in quite a while and it’s kind of bubbling over right now. We were being held hostage by a small group of people who are basically obstructing anybody …

“And quite frankly, this is the maddening thing: We made rules to make the speakership less powerful. We’re a conference and have to deal with each other. 

I hope we come together and realize that it’s more about the conference and how we get along with each other than it is about any speaker. The speaker can’t do anything by themselves.”

Meanwhile, McCormick was critical of pro-Hamas demonstrations taking place in the U.S.

“Obviously this is brought on by an invading force from Gaza into Israel. Israel is going to do what it has to do,” he said. “The fact that it’s polarizing us in America is baffling to me. We’re gonna have several protests here in Washington, D.C., today. They’re talking about basically the rights of Palestinians rather than beheaded babies. I don’t get it. It’s worrisome.”


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