Rep. Santos to Newsmax: ‘Tomorrow It Could Be Them’

Rep. Santos to Newsmax: ‘Tomorrow It Could Be Them’

Rep. George Santos, the indicted lawmaker expelled Friday from the House for ethics violations, issued a warning to other congressional members on Thursday, telling Newsmax: “Today it’s me, tomorrow it can be them.”

“I’m not campaigning for this; I’m not talking to people. I don’t want to put people in uncomfortable situations,” Santos told Newsmax’s Greg Kelly Reports a day before the expulsion vote.

“The very few people I have spoken to have brought up the, Wow, that’s actually interesting the fact that it’s contradictory in the report to what’s actually on the resolution,’ has had some people turn their heads like, This is damning stuff, this is life-ruining allegations, and these people who are supposed to be responsible for ethics have and bear no ethics in this process because look at what they did,” he added.

“So yeah, people are pretty pissed off and ticked off because if today it’s me, tomorrow it can be them.”

Santos, R-N.Y., on Friday became only the sixth lawmaker to be ousted from the chamber. The resolution passed 311 to 114, with 105 Republicans voting in favor of expulsion.

Santos called the process “sloppy, skewed, and a smear so much so that they rushed and put it together like a bunch of 4-year-olds, and they didn’t have regard for truth or honesty or transparency.

“The sexual harassment allegations are very damning for one’s life. I’ve always held standards. I never do something of the of the sort, and the fact that they exonerate me in the report but then still bring it to the floor just shows you how this is it’s not a matter of truth and justice. It’s a matter of having a predetermined smear campaign no matter what.”


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