Rep. Tim Burchett to Newsmax: Jan. 6 Tapes Show Need for Transparency

Rep. Tim Burchett to Newsmax: Jan. 6 Tapes Show Need for Transparency

Rep. Tim Burchett, R-Tenn., called for more transparency for Jan. 6 and said surveillance tapes that were released last week on the order of House Speaker Mike Johnson, R-La., show much has been hidden about what happened that day.

“In politics, we tend to hide a lot of things, and I think this just lets the American public know exactly what’s going on,” Burchett told Saturday’s “The Count,” adding he had asked for the release of some tapes from the tunnel at the Capitol that day, but they were under the oversight of a congressman on the Jan. 6 committee.

That, Burchett said, shows the American people that “possibly something is being hidden.”

“I salute Speaker Johnson,” he said. “He said he was going to release them and, dadgum it, he did it.”

The tapes would also show there were “possibly federal agents” involved in the incidents that day, according to Burchett.

“You know there was some violence in there,” he said. “Some things got broke. Things got threatened. People got beat up.”

There were many peaceful people at the Capitol that day, and they were been covered up to keep the narrative of violence.

“I’ve heard defense attorneys say that the reason they don’t want it out there is because it takes away the case that they were not there peacefully,” Burchett added.

Meanwhile, “everybody knows where the cameras are” in the Capitol, so it is time to let the people see the videos, and “then we’ll make a decision after that,” Burchett said.

The tapes release “also makes you wonder what the heck the Jan. 6 committee was doing rather than being orchestrated by, I believe, a former CBS executive who actually helped them orchestrate most of their television productions,” Burchett continued. “I think we just need to get to the bottom of it and put this thing to rest eventually.”

A video clip of law enforcement agents taking off a man’s handcuffs was “very suspicious,” Burchett admitted.

“That is the first time I’ve ever seen that, and I’m a member of Congress,” Burchett said.

He also called it a Washington, D.C., “tactic” to delay the release of information.

“Delay, delay, delay, move onto the next car wreck on the interstate, that bright object over there, and let’s get on with something else,” he said. “We have allowed Nancy Pelosi and her group too much time in between what actually happened and when we get to see it.”


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