Tal Heinrich to Newsmax: Cease-Fire ‘Not Negotiable’

Tal Heinrich to Newsmax: Cease-Fire ‘Not Negotiable’

Israeli government spokesperson Tal Heinrich told Newsmax on Monday that a “cease-fire is simply not negotiable.”

Further, Heinrich asserted on “Eric Bolling The Balance” that Israel and the United States are on the same page and in touch on an “hour-by-hour basis.”

“I can tell you, Eric, that there is really no daylight between Jerusalem and Washington and what pertains to the goals of this operation, this counter-offensive in Gaza right now,” Heinrich said. “Everyone understands that terrorism must not be able to get away with impunity.

“We’re seeking responsibility here, and accountability, and we will eliminate Hamas. We have decided as a nation, and everyone in Washington understands … that Israelis can no longer live next to a terrorist enclave,” she added. “It is a problem, and we are solving it.

“We’re operating on the ground, and we also want to see our sons and daughters, we’re talking about 242 hostages, back home. We want to see them back,” Heinrich said.

“So any talk of his cease-fire before Hamas is totally eliminated or surrendered or find its way out of the Gaza Strip somehow and before the hostages are safe back home is simply not negotiable.”


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