‘The Eye-Sore Of The Event’: Kirk Cameron Reacts To Faith-Based Story Hour Interrupted By Drag Queens, Activists

Kirk Cameron reacted to his faith-based story hour being interrupted by Drag Queens and activists, noting the irony that the group that pushes “inclusion and tolerance” tried to ruin things — but he insisted they would not succeed.

The 52-year-old actor appeared recently at the Fayetteville Public Library in Fayetteville, Arkansas, where more than 500 parents and kids showed up to hear Cameron read his new book from Brave Books — “As You Grow ” — and “Elephants Are Not Birds” read by de-transitioner Laura Perry Smalts.

Cameron spoke to The Daily Wire on Monday about how these parents had showed up and the “eye-sore of the event was these creepy, scary men in black and white dresses and heels and veils … blocking families’ views and holding up scary signs … and really upsetting the families that were there.”

Photo Credit: Joshua Smith

Photo Credit: Joshua Smith

“So, for the group that’s all about inclusion and tolerance, they sure are hell bent on excluding families … and really want to crash the party,” the actor explained. “They were accusing us of scaring children with our books, but they just looked scary. It was really weird and creeping everyone out. ”

“We had to increase security because of the threats [at this event in particular] that were communicated and we want to make sure that kids are not a part of any sort of dangerous protest,” he added.

The “Growing Pains” star said this event wasn’t the only one were they have been notified ahead of time about a security threat to parents coming out with their kids to hear this book about love, kindness, family, and faith.

“There have been others the publisher has received for other story hours,” Cameron said.

Photo Credit: Joshua Smith

Photo Credit: Joshua Smith

Several of the protestors have shared photos from the day, with at least one offering instructions on how to protest future Cameron story hour events.

Art Protest Leader Simone Cottrell shared on Facebook a photo posing outside the library like a statue with a sign that read, “Where is Justice” and showing a children’s book that deals with sex.

Pro-LGBTQ Pastor Clint Snekloth shared tips for “protesters at future Kirk Cameron book readings” warning them the event “will be triggering” and suggesting kids who were there with their parents are “currently in the cult.”

When pressed by the Daily Wire on what Cameron would like to say to those upset about his events or are planning to upset future ones,” the “Lifemark” star said that they would not stop him and Brave Books from hosting these story hours.

“An arthritic flea could more reasonably stop a stampede of wild elephants running to a mud bath, than a few sad, misguided individuals can stop the tidal wave of good families streaming in to join our fun, faith-filled, wholesome and patriotic Brave Books Story Hours,” Cameron said. “Early RSVP’s are in: Party-poopers will be outnumbered 100 to 1. See you at the library!”

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