The ‘It’s The 100th Episode So I Interviewed My Dad’ Edition – RedState

About 100 episodes ago, I wasn’t sure if I was going to stick with this little podcast I’ve grown to love. Despite the fact that it was therapeutic, that it gave me a place to vent, and that it was something I really enjoyed, there were circumstances outside my control that made me question whether I could continue with it.

Thankfully, I had a friend in my producer and he encouraged me not to walk away. And even more convincing was the fact that the name I had chosen for the show was given to me by someone that really mattered to me: my dad. That made giving up on my little vanity project an undeniably more serious prospect. So I declined to quit and carried on.

I have to say, I’m really happy I did. And in honor of the 100 episodes since that decision to tough it out was made, I’ve decided the person I most wanted to be a part of the celebration was the person who gave my show its name.

So please welcome Walt Lee, my cool pops, to this week’s show. We talk Braves baseball, politics, Communism, government overreach, and the general state of entertainment these days. Oh, and the weather. We’re southerners.

So come set a spell on the porch and a have a sip of sweet tea with us.

(I also talk very briefly about the fantastic show I just discovered because it hit Netflix, “How To Get Away With Murder” (trailer below).)

The show lives on Spotify and you can also find me at iHeartRadio, Apple PodcastsFCB Radio’s Spreaker, and Deezer.

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