The Sweet Story of the Little Leaguer Who Was Hit by a Pitch Just Got Even Sweeter – RedState

The Sweet Story of the Little Leaguer Who Was Hit by a Pitch Just Got Even Sweeter – RedState

On Friday, my colleague Jim Thompson shared with readers the sweet story that modeled true sportsmanship, about the Little Leaguer competing in a regional championship game who was hit by a pitch. But instead of throwing a fit, the boy’s first thought was of comforting the opposing team’s pitcher.

In case you missed it, here was the touching moment:

Now, the story that’s captivated the hearts of the nation just got even sweeter. According to Houston’s KRIV-TV, the mom of the Pearland pitcher Kaiden “Bubs” Shelton shared some great news in a text message — the Little League Baseball organization is flying out the batter, Isaiah Jarvis, so he can attend the Little League World Series and cheer on his new buddies:

The text message reads, in part:

Bub’s mom Melody: “(Little League) called Isaiah’s dad and told him they were going to fly Isaiah in so that he’s there for the first two games for the Pearland boys and he’s going to be in the stands with us cheering us on…

It’s awesome. I just called Isaiah, Facetimed, here at Killen’s BBQ here in Pearland, where all the boys are, and Isaiah was on Facetime and told all the boys he was coming and the boys were clapping and so excited that he’s gonna come and support them.”


Tulsa’s Isaiah Jarvis, who was at the center of that heartwarming moment in Waco when he was hit in the helmet by Pearland’s Kaiden A.K.A. “Bubs” Shelton and then went to console Bubs after he was visibly shaken during the Southwest Regional Final, will be in Williamsport, PA to help cheer the team on.

I don’t know about you, but it’s wonderful to see an awesome kid like this get rewarded for doing the right thing. We need to see more positive examples like this right now, when there’s so much in the country going in the wrong direction.

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