U.S.-Tied Afghans Stuck in Country: Taliban Threatens

U.S.-Tied Afghans Stuck in Country: Taliban Threatens

A veteran desperately trying to get Afghan allies out of the country shares hellacious accounts.


n normal times, Jean Marie Thrower would be running Supplier Development Systems, her Birmingham, Ala.–based automotive consulting firm. But since the fall of Kabul, and the Taliban’s conquest of Afghanistan, Thrower, who served in the U.S. Army’s 82 Airborne Division as a transportation officer with support of operations in Haiti and Bosnia, has put the rest of her life on hold, working with the Afghan Rescue Crew. The ARC describes itself as a private group of U.S. veterans and civilians volunteering to save as many vetted at-risk Americans and Afghan allies left behind in Afghanistan as possible.

ARC is one of

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By: Jim Geraghty

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