WATCH: Stunning Footage of Truck Flipping in Tornado

WATCH: Stunning Footage of Truck Flipping in Tornado

Big tornadoes tore through a lot of Texas on Monday. I was in the Fort Worth area and while I wasn’t hit by the tornado, I did get the accompanying storm with the sky turning dark, a lot of loud wind, and hail.

But one young guy had an encounter with a tornado in Elgin, Texas that has now gone viral, with over 1.5 million views. The driver, who was in a 2004 red Chevrolet Silverado 1500 crew cab truck, was suddenly caught up in the tornado on Texas 95. Stormchaser Brian Emfinger was filming the tornado so he filmed what happened next. “This is a story about a red truck and a tornado,” he said.

You can see the tornado wind hit the road and flip the truck, spinning it around on its side as debris is flying everywhere. Then suddenly, it flips the truck right-side-up again and the driver just drives away. “I cannot believe they drove away like that,” Emfinger declared.

According to another storm chaser, Marcus Reynolds, he said the driver was about 16-17 and just suffered a cut on his arm from his harrowing ride. Reynolds said that he let the boy use his phone to call his parents. Reynolds also said that tornado was an EF-2 which is considered strong with an estimated 111-135 mph wind speed.

That’s pretty amazing and I wonder what he told his parents when he got home. “Well, you see, Dad, there’s this scratch on the hood because…” It takes some kind of presence of mind just to drive off like that after such an experience.

That was just one of a lot of the clips people posted about the tornadoes hitting on Monday.

Another one that got a lot of attention was storm chaser Reed Timmer, who was live-streaming and had a tornado cross the road right in front of him, then pass over him and he was out of contact for a while, causing some concern. But he was unharmed.

Another one was outside a Walmart in Round Rock. You can see the tornado in the parking lot as the people run for it to get into the store.

Fortunately, it looks like the folks in the above clips were all okay.

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