Anti-MAGA UFC Fighter Ian Garry Says He Will ‘Drag’ Colby Covington in Front of Trump – RedState

Anti-MAGA UFC Fighter Ian Garry Says He Will ‘Drag’ Colby Covington in Front of Trump – RedState

UFC Welterweight fighter Ian Garry is challenging Colby Covington to a fight. As those who watch the UFC know, Covington openly and unapologetically supports former President Donald Trump. 

During an interview on “The MMA Hour,” Garry said this about his potential fight against Covington. 

If Trump’s in attendance, I will drag Colby in front of him and I will beat his mouth off. I will be like, ‘This is what you created! Boom! This is MAGA – Boom! And it’s no more’.


Covington, who is known for his trash-talking, has not responded to Garry, and it is unclear if he will respond and accept his challenge to a fight at a UFC event. Covington has a record of 17 wins and four losses in MMA, as well as 12 wins and three losses in the UFC. In contrast, Garry is undefeated, at 14 wins and zero losses. 

If Covington agrees to fight Garry, there is a good chance Trump will be in attendance, as he has been attending UFC events more frequently.

Recently, Trump met with UFC star Sean Strickland in Nevada.

Garry claimed that UFC CEO Dana White will make sure the fight takes place.

I don’t believe he’s [Covington] in a position to be picking and choosing fights now. If he wants to fight, he’s gonna do what he’s told. And I’m sure Hunter and Dana will tell him that. 

When asked if he believes Covington would accept the fight, Garry responded:

I’m a fighter who says yes. I don’t say no, I don’t be picky. I say ‘Yes. Where? When?’ That’s it. The truth is I call out who I want. Colby is the biggest name in the division without a title. Going out and beating him does so much. Look, I’m not talking sh*t about him. There’s a lot of respect on his name from the MMA community.

Following Covington’s loss to Leon Edwards, he told Fox News host Jesse Watters that he wants a rematch. 

You know, I think I broke my foot in the first 30 seconds of the fight, kicking it on his elbow, so I want a rematch with this guy. I’m going to come back stronger. I’m just like the American people. You know, we never give up, you can knock us down, but we just learn. We don’t lose, we only learn. We come back stronger.

So it might take some time for Garry to get what he wants, as the rematch between Covington and Edwards has still not been set. 

As RedState has reported, Trump is well-liked among UFC fans, oftentimes giving him a standing ovation when he enters the arena.

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