Associated Press Tries To Save Joe Biden By Rehabbing Hunter

Associated Press Tries To Save Joe Biden By Rehabbing Hunter

Associated Press headline, Feb. 27: “Hunter Biden’s years of personal grief and public missteps are focus of House impeachment probe.”

The AP’s article was intended to coincide with scheduled congressional testimony this week by President Joe Biden’s middle-aged, crack-addict son, Hunter. In other words, it’s the perfect time to rehabilitate the image of a lowlife who each day becomes more of a liability for Joe Biden’s reelection prospects.

This isn’t about an admitted sexual deviant, absent father, and highly corrupted individual shielded from legal prosecution by his president dad! It’s about “years of personal grief and public missteps”!

Actually, no, it’s about the most powerful elected official in America, Joe Biden, who is proven to have lied to voters about the extent of his foreign business dealings with his sleazy, derelict son.

More from the AP: “Hunter, who had recently agreed to a lucrative position on the board of Ukrainian energy firm Burisma, was working to stay sober, mend his marriage and rebuild from devastating grief.”

The AP is referring to the months in 2016 leading up to Joe Biden’s exit from the White House as vice president, which was not long after another of his sons died of brain cancer (or as Biden recalls it, a wartime injury). During this period, Hunter was allegedly piecing his life together following years of pounding alcohol and hard drugs, illegally purchasing guns, sleeping with random women, and blacking out in high-end hotels. The result was an affair with his dead brother’s widow and the birth of a daughter he conceived with a stripper— a daughter who to this day he and his president father would rather pretend doesn’t exist.

AP: “It would not last for long. Hunter Biden descended quickly into a Christmas-time relapse in his battle with addiction, his father watched Democrats hand over the White House to Trump after the 2016 election and the family that had built a political legacy in Washington drifted uneasily to an uncertain new chapter.”

For a normal person, getting laid off is what it means to have “drifted uneasily to an uncertain new chapter.” For the AP, unease is when a Democrat used to the trappings of the White House has to figure out whether he wants to bring in millions giving paid speeches or writing a memoir. As the report stated, Hunter had already acquired a cushy job working for a shady foreign company. But I’m sure the timezone difference could in some sense qualify as a form of unease.

More from the AP: “This fragile period — playing out over several years of very public missteps and private misfortunes — in the business, political and personal life of Hunter Biden and his family is the focus of the U.S. House’s long-running, Republican-led Biden impeachment inquiry.”

Hunter’s very extensive, public descent into depravity and obscenity is, in fact, not the focus of the impeachment inquiry. The purpose of the investigation is to suss out the extent to which the president was coordinating with his embarrassment of a son to rake in millions of dollars, many from overseas entities, perhaps at the expense of American interests.

It’s a fact that Joe Biden, on more than one occasion, made himself available to his son’s business associates. Firsthand witness testimony corroborates the assertion that Hunter’s access to high levels of the federal government via his daddy was a commodity in many or all of his transactions with industries abroad.

That Hunter Biden is a ruinous degenerate whose misadventures make Charlie Sheen look like a Tibetan monk is of interest to Daily Mail readers and really no one else. It’s truly a sad fact that we’ve been forced to wade through it all in pursuit of the integrity of our government, if there’s any left.

The rest of the AP’s article is a dismissal of all evidence that the Bidens have used their positions to enrich themselves to the detriment of American taxpayers. But the portrayal of Hunter as a down-on-his-luck addict just trying to get by is on another level of media deception.

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