Biden Administration Fast-Tracking Chinese Illegal Immigrants – RedState

Biden Administration Fast-Tracking Chinese Illegal Immigrants – RedState

As if the oozing sore that is our southern border wasn’t bad enough already, now we learn that the Biden Administration, in its usual display of fecklessness, has greatly watered down the vetting process for Chinese nationals entering the United States – illegally – across that southern border

This scaling back of the interview process fast-tracked the releasing of Chinese illegal immigrants into the U.S. while making it more difficult for CBP agents to identify national security threats, J.J. Carrell, a retired CBP deputy patrol agent in charge, told the DCNF after reviewing the email.

“This policy change has accelerated the time it takes to process Chinese illegal immigrants — this doesn’t make America safer,” Carrell said. “The final result is that dangerous Chinese illegal immigrants will still be released into the U.S.”

“This is just the government covering their ass, so they can say they vetted,” said Carrell. “I believe the government recognizes the threat of Chinese soldiers and spies that are pouring into America, and they want to try and identify these individuals. However, the same government does not want to stop the flow of illegal aliens or Chinese nationals — just the ‘bad ones,’ which is impossible.”

You can see screenshots of the relevant documents obtained by the Daily Caller News Foundation here and here.

I would remind the readers that this is a country that is flying spy balloons over the United States, including overflights over strategic installations from Alaska to the East Coast – about which the Biden Administration has done, well, nothing.

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This is a country that is manifestly unfriendly to the United States. Under Chairman Xi, who has seized more direct power than anyone in the Middle Kingdom since Mao, China has become increasingly belligerent, and while they still lack the ability to project power much beyond their own shores, they still wield some economic clout.

Consider, for a moment, what it means that China still lacks the technical and military capacity to strike directly at the United States. Consider that the balloon flyover can be seen as nothing other than gathering strategic intelligence, including overhead images of some of our most critical military installations. 

Xi may well not stop at his regional ambitions, which he has already plainly told anyone who cares to listen.

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What could Xi’s China do to the United States? It doesn’t take Sun Tzu or Carl von Clausewitz to see how China could cause the United States a lot of trouble. They already have strategic recon in the form of their balloon overflights and, no doubt, satellite intelligence. There are now Chinese nationals, mostly young men, crossing our southern border in growing numbers. And, like so many of these illegal aliens, we have little idea who they are, where they are going, or what they intend to do when they get there.

Now the Biden Administration is fast-tracking their entry. It’s hard to imagine an administration that was actually trying to encourage a serious threat to our national security handling this matter any differently.

The one thing we might have going for us is China itself. They are facing a demographic crisis, and their economy and industry are one giant house of cards. Whatever they are planning, there’s always the chance they might just screw it up – but then we should be careful not to judge China’s capabilities by the standards of our own political “leadership.” 

Of course, we can always rely on cutting-edge Chinese technology to improve our everyday lives.

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