Biden Campaign Co-chair: Joe Still the ’24 Choice

Biden Campaign Co-chair: Joe Still the ’24 Choice

Michael Landrieu, co-chair of President Joe Biden’s reelection campaign, addressed concerns on “Meet the Press” on Sunday that the commander-in-chief is too old, stating that he is not backing out.

“Our NBC news poll,” host Kristen Welker told Landrieu, “found that 76% of voters are concerned about whether the president has the necessary mental and physical health to be president for a second term,” Welker said. “What is the plan to convince voters otherwise?”

After railing about former President Donald Trump, Landrieu said that Biden has constructed one of the strongest economies in the world.

“So the people of America are going to have to make a choice: Are they for a guy like Joe Biden, who wakes up every day, thinking about the people of America, thinking about how to lift people up? Or are they going to be for Donald Trump, who has already said — and you can believe him when he says this, even though when his lips move he’s usually lying — that he is going to be engaged in revenge in taking us backwards?” Landrieu said.

“I think the choice is clear. You know what Joe Biden remembers? He remembers how to build 46,000 infrastructure projects. He remembers how to build one of the strongest economies in the world. He remembers how to make sure that the unemployment rate stays as low as it has for 50 years and to create 800,000 jobs. And that is why, let me just finish, the president says, ‘Watch me.’ And the president has demonstrated an incredible amount of accomplishment in a few short years that outpace anything that Donald Trump has ever done, including creating 15 million jobs.”

While Landrieu went on to tout how the economy is booming, according to an economist from the Heritage Foundation, the real economy is doing quite the opposite.

After the release of GDP numbers in late January, which account for spending, economist Peter St. Onge said that while the figure came in at 3.3%, which on “paper” is good, there’s another component.

“So what’s the problem?” St Onge said. “Debt.”

“Your grandkids bought it all. And then some,” he continued. “To see why, in the past 12 months the federal deficit increased by $1.3 trillion. Yet we only got half that in GDP — about $600 billion. In other words, everything else shrank. It’s even worse for that brave and stunning Q4 — there we got just $300 billion in extra GDP for — wait for it — $834 billion of new federal debt.”

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