Biden On Why He Hasn’t Gone To East Palestine: ‘There’s A Lot Going On’

Biden On Why He Hasn’t Gone To East Palestine: ‘There’s A Lot Going On’

President Joe Biden said during a press conference in Florida on Saturday that he has not had a chance to go to East Palestine, Ohio, because he’s been too busy.

“You said in March that you would go to East Palestine, Ohio,” a reporter said. “You came here, how come you haven’t gone to East Palestine yet?”

“Well, I haven’t had the occasion to go to East Palestine,” Biden responded. “There’s a lot going on, here, and I just haven’t been able to break.”

“I was thinking whether I’d go to East Palestine this week, but I then was reminded I’ve got to go literally around the world,” he said. “I’m going from, from Washington to India to Vietnam to–, and so I it’s going to be a while.”

“But we’re making sure that East Palestine has what they need materially in order to deal with their problems,” he continued.



Political commentator Stephen L. Miller responded, “I would go to Ohio but I have to go check on India and Vietnam first so it’s going to be awhile even though I just said I was thinking of going this week after 8 months and 23 days on the beach and dementia.”

RNC Strategic Communications Director Tommy Pigott said, “Joe Biden has spent 75 days on vacation the last 6 months, including 19 days in August alone.”

“What an absolute garbage answer. East Palestine is a 1 hour flight from DC,” said political commentator Pradheep J. Shanker. “You could drive it in five hours. He has made the conscious choice to avoid the people of East Palestine, and there is a clear reason for this: because at this point they know he is a liar.”

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