Biden’s Comments on ‘Saving Democracy’ During Visit to His Campaign Headquarters Are Pretty Pathetic – RedState

Biden’s Comments on ‘Saving Democracy’ During Visit to His Campaign Headquarters Are Pretty Pathetic – RedState

It’s hard to imagine how Joe Biden is going to make it through campaigning to November. 

I do wonder if they might try to swap him out at some later point but they would still have to figure out how they are going to do it—that is, convince him to step aside and get around Kamala. There has been speculation about folks like Gavin Newsom and Michelle Obama. But the clock is ticking if they’re going to jump in. 

Biden can’t even get through the simplest of events without notes and help. But using notes, even at his campaign headquarters? This is really bad. 

“I think it’s time to finish the job here,” he said on Saturday Unfortunately, many thought that meant “finish” off the country.

Not to mention that he brought up his handler again, Jill, mentioning that she’s going to “hook him” if he keeps rambling. He’s spoken before about how she doesn’t like it. So, one has to wonder what happens behind the scenes when he does things like that. She keeps watching him like a hawk. 

Then came this serious piece of delusion and irony, where he tells the campaign staff they’re helping to “save democracy.” Seriously. 

Republicans aren’t doing anything to endanger the Republic. 

Yet, it’s Democrats trying to boot his political opponent, former President Donald Trump, off the ballot and Democrats behind lawfare attempts against him. That’s not saving “democracy,” that’s undermining our Constitutional Republic. It’s election interference. And working to try to get Biden elected is endangering the country. 

Democrats are even working to keep other Democrats from challenging him, trying to block out people like Rep. Dean Phillips (D-MN). But Phillips just notched a win against such an effort in Wisconsin 

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Biden thanked the staff, then said almost plaintively, “I think you all get along with me.” 

And the problem of course is, some of them don’t, even on his campaign. That shows you what trouble he is in. 

Indeed, we reported that—according to campaign staffers—he has volunteers “quitting in droves” over the Israel-Hamas war. 

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His own staff has issues with him. Is it any wonder given he has such low approval, when he has so many problems on so many issues?  Perhaps the biggest problems being the economy and the border, although the far left certainly has issues with him over Israel. But when you have to question the loyalty of your campaign staff, you just might be in trouble.

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