Bolton to Newsmax: US Needs to ‘Impose Pain on Iran’

Bolton to Newsmax: US Needs to ‘Impose Pain on Iran’

Former U.N. Ambassador John Bolton told Newsmax on Tuesday that “until Iran pays a price,” attacks in the Middle East are going to continue.

Joining “Eric Bolling The Balance,” Bolton said President Joe Biden needs to unleash a response that will “impose pain on Iran.”

“Iran is directing all of the chaos in the Middle East today, from Hamas in the Gaza Strip to the Houthis to Hezbollah to these attacks on our service members, and until Iran pays a price, they’re going to continue,” Bolton said.

“Now, I’m not saying this has to be massive, but it has to impose pain on Iran to reestablish deterrence.”

Bolton laid out three Iranian targets that would do just that.

“We’ll see how Iran reacts, but I think from the Iranian point of view, they’re getting away with all of this in the Middle East for free, and that has to stop.”


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