Catholic League President Rejects Neera Tanden for OMB

Catholic League President Rejects Neera Tanden for OMB

Joe Biden’s presumptive nominee for the Office of Management and Budget Neera Tanden is an enemy of religious liberty and impossible for Catholics to trust, according to Catholic League president Bill Donohue.

“It is a bad choice; there are several reasons why Catholics cannot trust her,” Donohue wrote on the Catholic League website.

“If it is impossible for the public to trust Neera Tanden, it is doubly impossible for Catholics to trust her. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell should lead the fight to block her nomination as the new head of the Office of Management and Budget.”

Notably, Tanden served in the Obama administration’s Health and Human Services and played a “pivotal role” in the HHS mandate that sought to “force Catholic non-profit organizations, such as the Little Sisters of the Poor, to pay for abortion-inducing drugs, contraception and sterilization in their healthcare plans,” Donohue wrote.

“When Catholic bishops objected to the HHS mandate, Tanden was miffed, saying this initiative was a matter of healthcare, not religious liberty. Yet the fact was that under this provision, Catholics would be required to pay for abortifacients. Such a flagrant violation of their conscience rights, grounded in their religion, mattered not a whit to her.”

Instead, he continued, she pushed the claim the Catholic Church’s objection to the mandate was an example of “misogyny.”

“That is exactly the way the foes of the Catholic Church talk — any objection to mandating that abortion-inducing drugs must be funded by Catholic taxpayers is anti-women,” Donohue wrote.

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