Christian Whiton to Newsmax TV: Deep State Covering in Giuliani Raid

Christian Whiton to Newsmax TV: Deep State Covering in Giuliani Raid

The Justice Department is “covering up for the deep state State Department” with its raid and seizure at the home of former Rudy Giuliani under the guise of an investigation into whether the former New York City mayor violated the Logan Act, Christian Whiton, a former State Department adviser under ex-President Donald Trump, told Newsmax TV Saturday. 

“The Logan Act just means you can’t conduct, or you can’t sort of assert that you’re conducting foreign policy on behalf of the United States,” Whiton told Newsmax TV’s “The Count.”

“It’s a terrible law.”

The Logan Act is closely related to the Alien and Sedition Acts passed in the late 18th century that were eventually ruled unconstitutional, Whiton continued, adding that Logan “probably is unconstitutional” as well and never prosecuted. 

“It was famously used to entrap Gen. [Michael] Flynn by the FBI,” said Whiton. “The assertion is that Rudy was actually acting on behalf of a foreign power or acting somehow out of bounds when he asked that the U. S ambassador to Ukraine, who was a completely corrupted, incompetent foreign service officer, be fired.”

The ambassador, Marie Yovanovitch “forgot that she was representing the United States,” and was “representing the interests of the government of Ukraine against us,” Whiton maintained. 

The matter, he continued, was “mixed up” with Hunter Biden and the efforts of then-Vice President Joe Biden to ‘call off an investigation into his son’s crooked activity…I think the long and short of it is the deep state, in this case, the Justice Department covering up for the deep state State Department.”

Giuliani, who has also represented Trump as his attorney, has “always been pretty upfront about who his clients are,” said Whiton, and it’s “outlandish” that someone with his legal background and familiar with the law would do the acts for which he’s being investigated. 

“Really, you do have to wonder if the Justice Department is once again engaging in political mischief,” said Whiton. 

Meanwhile, there are now reports in The Daily Mail revealing a close relationship between Hunter Biden and a Chinese-American secretary who had been working with him when he was in business with a man he referred to as the “spy chief of China.”

The assistant had sent the president’s son on opposition research for his father’s White House bid and encouraged him to withdraw funds from the company’s accounts when the joint venture collapsed, the report said. 

Whiton called the matter a “depressing double standard,” particularly because Hunter Biden has “not given up his business interests in mainland China.”

“An entity that may very well be influenced by the Chinese Communist Party is putting millions of dollars into the pocket of the son of the president of the United States, said Whiton. “Do we think maybe the hunter that we’ve seen doing things that are regrettable…you know if that activity occurred on mainland China, you can bet that it is being used and being held and potentially being against them.

Hunter Biden isn’t a candidate for political office, he added, but “there are legitimate questions about the influence that the Chinese government holds over this administration, which is certainly much softer on China than its predecessor, the Trump administration.”

Whiton also slammed Biden’s “climate czar,” John Kerry after reports that the former secretary of state was allegedly negotiating with Iran at the same time the Trump administration was involved in negotiations involving the Iran nuclear deal. 

“They’ve announced they’re enriching to 60% highly enriched uranium,” Whiton said of Iran. “That’s an isotope, uranium 235m that you need for nuclear weapons, not for nuclear reactors, not at that concentration.”

Kerry, meanwhile, has engaged in the past with America’s adversaries, “thinking that his magical charm is going to work on them,” said Whiton. 

“This is someone who just has a very difficult time with enemy identification, and we could probably look the other way if it were pragmatic, if it was effective,  but it’s consistently ineffective,” he added. 

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