CNN’s John King Just May Have Worst Take Ever on Damar Hamlin and Speaker Vote – RedState

CNN’s John King Just May Have Worst Take Ever on Damar Hamlin and Speaker Vote – RedState

A lot of the country has been focused on two big stories this week — the health of Buffalo Bill safety Damar Hamlin and the vote for Speaker of the House. Two very different stories, and fortunately, there’s good news about Hamlin Thursday, that he was awake, and talking and engaging with his family and doctors. Although, he’s still critically ill, the good news is that he was “neurologically intact.”

A more recent update indicated that he wrote, “Did we win?” in asking about the game. The doctors responded, “Yes, Damar. You won the game of life.” It was inspiring that his first thought was about his team.

But in another instance of CNN failing to move away from acting like political operatives, CNN’s John King tried to use what happened to Damar Hamlin as an attack on the Republicans refusing to vote for Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-CA). It was disgusting to use what happened to Hamlin for any kind of political point.

“Imagine those two doctors that we just listened to who treated, and all of the people on the field who treated the Buffalo Bills player, if they said, ‘No, [I don’t want to function as a team].’”

King claimed the holdouts “didn’t care.”

“They don’t want that responsibility, they don’t care about that responsibility, and they don’t respect that responsibility,” King said in a huff. He even had the temerity to claim that the American people had already rejected the Republican brand of “crazy.”

How vile is that? It’s a vote; everyone has to earn it. You’re not entitled to the position. It’s not McCarthy’s by fiat or royal decree. It’s disgraceful for anyone to be attacking people for doing their duty to their constituents. Saying they “didn’t care” or they “don’t want that responsibility” is just a lie, when you have people like Rep. Chip Roy (R-TX), who believe they’re doing what’s best for the country to ensure that the American people get results and not just the same old swamp.

If CNN thought they were moving toward being more objective news, they just blew it again with this move by King. This is not going to have anyone taking CNN more seriously.

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