Democrats Are The Real ‘Threat To Democracy,’ Not Donald Trump

Democrats Are The Real ‘Threat To Democracy,’ Not Donald Trump

When the Colorado Supreme Court issued a constitutionally illiterate ruling tossing former President Donald Trump from the primary ballot in their state, President Joe Biden did not condemn the decision. Instead, he used it as fodder to dub his top political opponent the biggest threat to democracy this nation has ever faced.

“Trump poses many threats to our country: The right to choose, civil rights, voting rights, and America’s standing in the world. But the greatest threat he poses is to our democracy. If we lose that, we lose everything,” Biden wrote on his X account on Wednesday.

This isn’t the first time Biden painted Trump or the people who support him “a threat to the very soul of this country.”

In September 2022, Biden took to a stage illuminated by hellish red lights to accuse the former president and the more than 74 million Americans who voted for him in 2020 of delivering the final blow to the nation’s integrity.

He repeated the claim in November 2022 and warned that his White House would do everything in its power to keep Trump from taking back the Oval Office.

“Well, we just have to demonstrate that he will not take power by — if we — if he does run. I’m making sure he, under legitimate efforts of our Constitution, does not become the next president again,” Biden declared.

The clip may be more than a year old, but the sentiment remains. Democrats’ contingency plan if their political prosecutions backfired, as they have, was always to ensure that Trump “does not become the next president again.” The Colorado decision is simply another layer of proof that they are following through on that plan.

Even before they started whispering about fixing the 2024 ballots to steal votes away from Trump, Democrats were guilty of leading the assault on our Constitution, the rule of law, and the will of the people.

Biden alone is a threat to the nation. Together, Biden and Democrats are guilty of weaponizing federal law enforcement, cheapening impeachment, fueling polarization, normalizing political violence and rioting, undermining election integrity, rejecting election results they don’t like, encouraging the collapse of our Southern border, and advancing extreme, unpopular agendas such as unlimited abortion, banning voter ID, colluding with Big Tech to censor Americans, targeting Jan. 6 protesters, and leading the political prosecution of their 2024 rival.

Democrats’ scheming alone, not Trump’s mean tweets, sent the nation spiraling into a constitutional crisis.

Right now, Trump is leading in the polls. His primary campaign promise to destroy the corrupt deep state clearly resonates with voters, which is why Democrats, who rely on that deep state to maintain power, have resorted to destroying the nation instead of accepting the will of voters. For the left, it’s one-party rule or nothing.

It’s no coincidence that the Colorado decision came mere weeks after Democrats and corporate media teamed up to assassinate Trump’s 2024 chances with smears that he is a radical dictator who “poses a threat to the existence of America as we know it.” It’s also no coincidence that the same week Trump got the ballot boot, the Biden White House easily convinced its allies in the propaganda press to spread “Nazi-style” talking points likening Trump to Hitler.

Democrats deliberately disrupted the presidential election in 2016 and 2020. Now, at the beginning of the 2024 election cycle, they are doing everything to meddle again. There is nothing more undemocratic than brazenly rigging another presidential election against the wishes of the American people.

Jordan Boyd is a staff writer at The Federalist and co-producer of The Federalist Radio Hour. Her work has also been featured in The Daily Wire, Fox News, and RealClearPolitics. Jordan graduated from Baylor University where she majored in political science and minored in journalism. Follow her on Twitter @jordanboydtx.

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