DeSantis Defends MAGA After Clinton Calls For ‘Deprogramming’ Of ‘Cult’: ‘These Are Patriotic Americans’

DeSantis Defends MAGA After Clinton Calls For ‘Deprogramming’ Of ‘Cult’: ‘These Are Patriotic Americans’

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis defended supporters of former President Donald Trump during an interview this week after former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said this week that they needed “deprogramming” as she compared them to a “cult.”

Clinton made the remarks during an interview on CNN where she said that “MAGA extremists” were “taking their marching orders from Donald Trump.”

DeSantis responded during an interview on CNBC’s “Squawk Box” Friday morning when asked by host Joe Kernen about Clinton’s remarks.

“Hillary Clinton just said something like, maybe that cult needs [to] go to some re-education training or something just to get out of the Trump cult — but you see what you’re up against and how difficult it is,” said Kernen.

“I don’t, I reject that,” DeSantis responded. “I mean, look, these are patriotic Americans. They want to see the country do well.”

Kernen asked how DeSantis planned on winning the former president’s supporters over if he starts attacking Trump on the campaign trail.

“These folks get it. They want to see the country do well,” DeSantis said. “Some people will be with Trump no matter what. But I think the bulk of the people are people that appreciate what he did. They also understand that he has got limitations in terms of his electability. He would be a lame duck on day one. If he could even get elected, I think he’d have major problems with personnel. And of course, he didn’t deliver on his core promises to drain the swamp or to have Mexico pay for the border wall or to eliminate the debt.”

“He added 7.8 trillion to the debt,” DeSantis concluded. “So, that’s all fair game. We’re going to be able to make that case.”


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