Dick Morris to Newsmax: ‘Corrupt’ Omnibus Cash Grabs Buoy Trump

Dick Morris to Newsmax: ‘Corrupt’ Omnibus Cash Grabs Buoy Trump

Not only can former President Donald Trump run on Democrats and President Joe Biden spending $1.7 trillion on the omnibus spending package, presidential campaign adviser Dick Morris told Newsmax, but even Trump’s Republican rivals are exposed by it.

“McConnell’s robbing the Republicans of their right to control spending” is a 2024 campaign winner, Morris told Monday’s “Rob Schmitt Tonight,” denouncing Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., for “jamming this through” and leaving Republicans “with no power over the debt limits.”

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McConnell’s GOP leadership-backed candidates and even Florida GOP Gov. Ron DeSantis might try to oppose Trump in 2024, but they will have to answer to their benefiting from massive spending in this $1.7 trillion omnibus, according to Morris.

“You need to find out how they’re benefiting personally, financially from the earmarks that are in it,” Morris told host Rob Schmitt. “This is an aircraft carrier and you can’t look at it as a boat without looking at the planes on it. And the whole point of the carrier is to take these earmarks across the finish line and use them to buy the votes of people that are retiring, probably related to their new professions – maybe as lobbyists – but it’s corrupt whatever it is.”

McConnell leads the anti-Trump Republican Party faction, and even the popular DeSantis will have to explain benefiting from the earmarks, Morris concluded.

“DeSantis has no leg to stand on,” Morris said. “In fact, he took over $300 million in earmarks for Florida, and he got $300 million in this bill.

“And he’s not going to give it back.”

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