Dick Morris to Newsmax: ‘Trump Will Beat DeSantis Before He Even Runs’

Dick Morris to Newsmax: ‘Trump Will Beat DeSantis Before He Even Runs’

Political expert Dick Morris said Friday on Newsmax that former President Donald Trump would beat Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis before he even decides to challenge him in 2024.

On “Eric Bolling The Balance,” Morris joined pollster John McLaughlin to discuss the likely contenders in the next Republican presidential primary, with the potential battle between Trump and DeSantis at the forefront.

“I think the issue is Trump will beat DeSantis before he even runs,” Morris said. “And I think most likely he’ll deter him from running because DeSantis has a clear shot in 2028.”

Morris, author of “The Return: Trump’s Big 2024 Comeback” further explained that the former president has already established the rules of engagement that other nominees need to prove they are better at to take him on.

“First is the anti-[Joe] Biden lane. Trump v. Biden is the cliché, kind of like [Muhammad] Ali v. [Joe] Frazier. … The second is the free speech lane because he’s the chief victim of all time on free speech. … And finally, he’s the only politician in the Republican Party willing to stand up against [Senate Minority Leader] Mitch McConnell,” Morris said.

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Meanwhile, McLaughlin said that polling data from McLaughlin & Associates has only confirmed that Trump is still the front-runner heading in 2024, demonstrating only a slight decline in the past year.

“Trump may have weakened a little, but he was still the front-runner and the one to beat,” McLaughlin said. “He was beating DeSantis, in fact, 1-to-1, 58[%] to 36[%]. He was leading the field of like 13 candidates where he was at 48[%], DeSantis was at 23[%].”

McLaughlin further deduced from the data that Trump would be the best match against Biden “because Trump was ahead in that poll 48[%] to 45[%] among the 1,000 likely voters” who responded.

“I think Trump has preempted the three main issues,” Morris reiterated. “He’s the anti-Biden candidate; he’s the pro-free speech, anti-Twitter candidate; and he’s the anti-McConnell candidate. And nobody else is willing to take those positions.”

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