Dick Morris to Newsmax TV: Biden Is ‘Rooster Taking Credit for Dawn’

Dick Morris to Newsmax TV: Biden Is ‘Rooster Taking Credit for Dawn’

President Joe Biden gets a “D” or maybe even “an F” for his first national address Thursday night, hailing something former President Donald Trump did for him, according to presidential strategist Dick Morris on Newsmax TV.

“Don’t give me that this is all as a result of you,” Morris told guest host Sebastian Gorka. “This is the rooster, as I’ve said, taking credit for the dawn.”

The quip was ostensibly saying Biden’s boastful statements about his pandemic response with respect to vaccines are largely because the Trump administration’s Operation Warp Speed made it possible, leading America to a new dawn in the fight against the global pandemic.

“There’s one line that made me want to choke the television set,” Morris told Gorka, “which was when he said, ‘for months they didn’t develop the vaccine and distribute it; they had it for months and millions of Americans were not vaccinated.’

“They had it for 3 damn weeks, my friend.”

Morris noted once the Food and Drug Administration approved the emergency use authorization for the Pfizer vaccine, the shots will be shipped and going into Americans’ arms. That was just about 3 short weeks before Biden was inaugurated, Morris noted.

“They had it for 3 weeks while Trump was president, and on the day that Trump left office, the day Jan. 21 when he handed it over, 1.5 million Americans were vaccinated on that day,” Morris added.

Morris also ripped Biden as “pharmacist in chief” for suggesting vaccinating people was the “biggest challenge” as opposed to researching, developing, testing, and vetting it for efficacy and safety — which all happened under Trump.

“Get off it, guy,” Morris said.

The fact Biden officially signed the $1.9 trillion spending package just hours earlier, but it was a “non-event” in Biden’s 23-minute speech struck Morris as noteworthy. It should have been a focal point on telling the American people how this bloated package was going to help, Morris said.

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