Donald Trump Re-labels Election Day as ‘Christian Visibility Day’ – RedState

Donald Trump Re-labels Election Day as ‘Christian Visibility Day’ – RedState

In a campaign stop in Green Bay, Wisconsin on April 2, 2024, former President Donald Trump slammed President Joe Biden’s declaration promoting Trans Visibility Day, which being March 31 fell in 2024 on Easter Sunday. Trump continued that Election Day (November 5, 2024) will become known as “Christian Visibility Day.”

Trump’s full quote:

On November 5, we are going to win this state. We’re going to win the White House, and we are going to save our country. We’re going to save our country.

And what the hell was Biden thinking when he declared Easter Sunday to be “Trans Visibility Day?” Such total disrespect to Christians, and November 5 is going to be called something else. Do you know what it’s going to be called? Christian Visibility Day, when Christians turn out in numbers that nobody has ever seen.

What makes Trump’s statement highly effective is as much what he did not say. Trump deftly avoided Biden’s stereotyping nonsense as exemplified in his 2020 interview by black media personality Charlamagne tha God when he blurted out, “If you have a problem figuring out whether you’re for me or Trump, then you ain’t black.” 

Trump did not say that if you didn’t vote for him, you’re not a Christian. Rather, he has delineated between himself and Biden by declaring without uttering a word that Christians in America, tired of media and pop culture mockery, will flock to the polls and vote for him as their way of striking back against the aforementioned media and pop culture wannabe overlords. The open hostility evidenced by Biden against not only Trump himself, but his supporters, adds to the mix.

Naturally, the liberal media has gone into full spittle and phlegm mode over Trump’s words. “Trans event snipe,” cries the Huffington Post. “Trump’s ‘Christian Visibility Day’ bit overstates his Christian support,” thunders the Washington Post. And on and on ad tedium … er, infinitum. 

Doubtless, all who pen said Philippics are faithful church attendees and well-versed in Biblical study.

Those who try and drag Jesus into their liberal political mold will quickly become disillusioned with Him. He was apolitical, much to the annoyance of those who believed the promised Messiah would lead a revolt against the Roman conquerors during His time on earth. Jesus came to win souls. If a nation turns to Him, it is because the people who are the nation are following Him. You cannot legislate Christianity, demand it by executive order, or make it so by judicatory decree. Trump proposes none of these things. He is drawing the line between the secular and sacred in daily life by pointing out that the sheep have had enough and the rams are stepping up. 

The outward evidence of Christianity and conservatism bear much in common. Hard work. Helping others. Personal responsibility. These are the identifiers of those who walk the talk. Donald Trump’s labeling of Election Day 2024 as Christian Visibility Day neither usurps nor falsifies faith’s role in this election. It is stating the obvious.

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