Donald Trump to Newsmax: Remember, Nancy Pelosi Was in Charge of Security on Jan. 6

Donald Trump to Newsmax: Remember, Nancy Pelosi Was in Charge of Security on Jan. 6

While Democrats continue the investigations of Donald Trump and what he calls the Jan. 6 “witch hunt,” the former president hailed the “exoneration” of a Jan. 6 defendant this week and pointed at the real culprit of the storming of the Capitol: House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

“Remember this: Nancy Pelosi is in charge of security,” Trump told Newsmax‘s John Bachman in an exclusive back-stage interview Saturday. “The president is not in charge of security.”

Trump claims Pelosi turned down the pre-Jan. 6 presidential request of 10,000 National Guard troops to provide security for the Capitol on the date of the congressional hearings to certify Joe Biden’s Electoral College votes.

“We had a 10,000-soldier request. We were putting in because we knew it was going to be very big, because it was about the voter fraud. We had a request for 10,000 National Guard or soldiers to be there, and she turned them [down].

“She didn’t like the look. She turned it down.”

The Jan. 6 defendant was found innocent in his trial because his lawyers successfully defended him being in the Capitol because security was letting people in.

“That was a big trial, I think,” Trump told Bachman. “That was something.”

Trump also spoke about the two exonerations and two hung juries in the trials of alleged masterminds of a kidnapping plot of Gov. Gretchen Whitmer.

“That was another interesting one,” Trump continued. “I wonder how she figures in that. It looks like a pretty strange deal. That looks like a setup from day one, and I think it’s making a lot of people look very bad right now.”

Trump also made an exclusive backstage announcement of an official endorsement of Dr. Mehmet Oz in the Pennsylvania GOP Senate primary.

“I just endorsed, literally as I’m walking up, we endorsed Dr. Oz,” Trump said. “I’ve known him for a long time. He’s a tremendous guy, very smart, Harvard educated. He went to the Wharton School of Finance, and he also went to Penn medical school. That’s a pretty unusual combination.

“And he’s just been a very strong, reliable guy — loves the state, loves the people — and he’ll be a great senator.”

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