‘Don’t. Don’t. Don’t.’ – RedState

‘Don’t. Don’t. Don’t.’ – RedState

Excerpts from a CBS 60 Minutes episode set to air Sunday show President Joe Biden issuing a stark warning to Russian President Vladimir Putin, claiming there will be serious consequences if he resorts to weapons of mass destruction in the Ukraine war. Anchor Scott Pelley said. “As Ukraine succeeds on the battlefield, Vladimir Putin is becoming embarrassed and pushed into a corner. And I wonder, Mr. President, what you would say to him if he is considering using chemical or tactical nuclear weapons?” Biden:

Don’t. Don’t. Don’t…

You will change the face of war unlike anything since World War II.


Pelley then asked how the United States would respond to such an action from Russia. Biden:

You think I would tell you if I knew exactly what it would be? Of course, I’m not gonna tell you. It’ll be consequential. They’ll become more of a pariah in the world than they ever have been. And depending on the extent of what they do will determine what response would occur.

The interview comes as Ukraine has mounted a largely successful counter-offensive against the Russian invasion in recent days, with Ukraine actually taking back some key territory. Russia has been thoroughly embarrassed by the setback, and Putin’s critics have unmistakably turned up the volume against his military adventures. In addition, Putin recently met with Chinese leader Xi Jinping, and the Chinese autocrat appeared to soften his country’s support for Russia during the encounter. As I wrote on Thursday, “There’s been a clear power shift here as the Russian army has largely failed in its quest to annex Ukraine. Xi holds all the cards, and he knows it.”

Fox News reports Saturday:

Western defense officials have said Ukraine is gaining ground and has forced some Russian forces back across their own border.

Pictures released following Russia’s withdrawal show buildings blackened and destroyed by shelling, animals wandering the streets and, according to officials, signs of torture among the dead.

We at RedState heap plenty of criticism on Joe Biden, mainly because his policies have been terrible for America, and the country is far worse off than when he took office. However, I still think that despite our intense partisan differences, Americans should come together in the face of a common enemy; therefore I’m not going to rip Biden here. The world is facing a dangerous, cornered animal in the Russian president, and it’s entirely appropriate in my view that the U.S. is issuing stark warnings against the use of these weapons of mass destruction.

Biden is right. If Putin does resort to nukes, it would change the world as we know it.

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