Elon Makes Big Decision on Suspensions, and Has Last Laugh on Liberal Haters – RedState

Elon Makes Big Decision on Suspensions, and Has Last Laugh on Liberal Haters – RedState

We’ve been covering the liberal meltdown over Twitter suspending some of the media after they allegedly were involved in sharing a link doxxing Elon Musk. This followed a stalker going after Musk’s family, including his baby son.

Musk said that their suspension would be for seven days. At the same time, he also posted a poll, saying he would go along with the will of the people. The poll had two choices: keep the seven-day suspension or let them back on now, one day later.

The “now” vote ended up winning at 58.7 percent to “in 7 days,” which received 41.3 percent.

Musk then proved that he is a man of his word. He said he would now unsuspend those who he said doxxed him, “The people have spoken.”

He did that despite believing that some want him to be harassed.

What does that say? I think it says he’s a far better person and far more transparent than most of the liberal media, certainly more than hypocrites like Aaron Rupar and Keith Olbermann.

But while freeing them, he also pointed out the hypocrisy of the liberal media. Suddenly they were all atwitter (forgive the pun) that people on their side got suspended when they haven’t given a darn about it happening to conservatives for no reason.

They only cared when it affected their side. But suddenly they claim they want “free speech” and that people shouldn’t be suppressed. Musk nails them, but good.

Meanwhile, even as those on the left melted down, with some saying they would be fleeing to Mastadon (why do they say that, but then, they never leave?), Musk posted that Twitter usage had once again reached “all-time highs.”

So if the liberal media thinks they’re going to do him in, they may just be having the opposite effect, with more people coming to Twitter and engaging because of the drama. Looks like he keeps getting the last laugh on them.

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