‘Enough of this Crap’ — 1/6 Probe ‘Absolutely Friggin Necessary’

‘Enough of this Crap’ — 1/6 Probe ‘Absolutely Friggin Necessary’

Former Rep. Denver Riggleman (R-VA) said Friday on CNN’s “Anderson Cooper 360” that a commission to investigate the January 6 Capitol riot was “absolutely friggin’ necessary.”

Riggleman added any Republican push back on a full investigation is “crap.”

Riggleman said, “You have Trump putting out these misses that are more and more ridiculous. Right now, it’s baked in. I think you’re right. when you said this is more of a feature, the fact is that this has become an apocalyptic good-against-evil conspiracy that’s going on.”

He continued, “Right now that we need a fix, and we need to find out how this disinformation spreads. We need a committee or a commission. We need this to happen.”

Guest-host John Berman said, “The bipartisan commission is not happening at this point. We have this select committee, Congressman. You’ve got experience working this if you will. They were your colleagues just a few months ago. What is it that you think, or how is it that you think Kevin McCarthy ultimately will approach this? Is this something he’ll try somehow to muck up?”

Riggleman said, “I mean if they’re looking at the polls if they’re looking to fund-raisers to districts, he’s going to have to push it to the side. He’s going to have to make fun of it. He’s going to have to make it partisan. He’s going to have to push it to so far to the left, saying it’s provocative. You’ve got to use these hyperbolic words and dismiss it. I think this is a huge mistake. This is an American problem. It is time for us as Americans to do something to find out in analysis what happened on January 6, how it happened. We need to go back a year or two.”

He added, “We need to look at the gaps, and the priorities that we need to actually look at that law enforcement didn’t have time to do to see why this happened. This is absolutely friggin’ necessary. I’m still can’t get my arms around the fact we have individuals pushing back on that after the Americans were affected, after individuals like Michael Fanone, getting almost beat to death. Enough of this crap. I’m frustrated based on my background in intel because I know we can figure this out.”

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