Ex-Diplomat Dobriansky to Newsmax: Ukraine Needs More ‘Long-range Heavy Artillery’

Ex-Diplomat Dobriansky to Newsmax: Ukraine Needs More ‘Long-range Heavy Artillery’

Paula Dobriansky, a former U.S. diplomat, public official and foreign policy expert who held senior roles in the administrations of five American presidents, told Newsmax that a critical part of Ukraine beating back Russia is the West sending the country more heavy weapons.

During a Friday appearance on “American Agenda,” Dobriansky walked through the resources most needed by Ukraine, stressing that “it’s not always the amount” when effectively distributing foreign aid.

“Ukraine has indicated it needs long-range heavy artillery. It also needs [the] capability to enable it to take out … the Russian airfield, as well as also stemming the tide of Russian supplies, ammunition, and their various attempts to resupply their effort,” the diplomat stated.

Dobriansky had signed onto an Op-Ed Wednesday for The Hill, where she and 19 other national security experts called for the Biden administration to “move more quickly and strategically in meeting Ukrainian requests for weapons systems.”

“I did sign that statement, in fact. And the reason why is because the more we move quickly on this, and in a targeted way, in a way that is going to really get the Ukrainians to have the capability of what they want to win this war, the sooner this will end,” Dobriansky said.

She also pointed out how Russia’s invasion is exacerbating already existing economic woes in the Russian economy, leading to her assessment that if Russians “had the full and honest picture, I don’t think they would like it. They would not support it at all.

“Russia has been in economic dire straits for a long time. It never modernized. It is heavily dependent, as we know, on its energy resources,” Dobriansky stated.

“So, in this case, actually, it started from behind. And now, the resources are being drained for these purposes,” she added, referring to Moscow’s invasion.

Dobriansky’s interview comes as the White House is reportedly weighing around $800 million in additional military aid to Ukraine, according to Reuters.

So far, the Pentagon puts the total amount of U.S. security assistance sent to Ukraine since President Joe Biden entered office at approximately $8 billion.


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