Fani Willis’ Delusional Take on Being Role Model for Women, Shameless Comment About Jesus – RedState

Fani Willis’ Delusional Take on Being Role Model for Women, Shameless Comment About Jesus – RedState

As we reported earlier, Fani Willis gave an interview to CNN where she said she didn’t feel like she’d done anything embarrassing or illegal. She also promised that she would continue to pursue the case against former President Donald Trump. 

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But she went into much greater detail when she described how women had been reaching out to her, praising her for what a feminist role model she was to black women and others. This was one heck of a shameless display. This is what the face of narcissist delusion looks like, in my opinion. 

She doesn’t find it embarrassing that she had a relationship with a married man, she says (even though she didn’t tell her father about it). She claims she hasn’t done anything “illegal,” so she “doesn’t feel [her] reputation needs to be reclaimed.” 

But she wants us to know about all the women who contacted her, “The outpouring of women,” especially “African American women,” she claimed telling her, “We are so proud, you are such a good representative of us.” 

“But I would be lying to say it’s only African American women,” Willis claimed, saying she has had Asian women, white women, Indian women all contact here, and that she hadn’t thought she was going to become the “face of the feminist movement.”  

“Women are treated when they are professionals and they’re proud to see someone who is strong,” Willis said. 

Chances that women are reaching out to her? I wouldn’t bet on that. That sounds like one of Joe Biden’s “stories.” But if that were true, how gross and bizarre would that be, to see her as a “role model” after all she has done? Perhaps she forgets about the judge calling her out in his opinion and talking about, after the testimony of Willis and Wade, there being an “odor of mendacity.” Claiming to be a role model for black women or any women is insulting to women. 

Willis brought up Jesus, saying that her father taught her that the only perfect person was Jesus, and that everyone is flawed. She seemed to use that comparison to try to downplay her “flaws” — if everyone is flawed, hey, why is anyone criticizing her, right? She’s just a “strong woman.” This was similar to her speech in the church, which the judge chastised her over, where she tried to say that the defendants were being racist in raising objections to Nathan Wade. 

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Once upon a time, people used to have shame. But progressives seem to have done away with that. She’s completely shameless. 

Except there are still many people looking into her actions, including the state Senate and the House Judiciary Committee, and a complaint has also been filed with the state bar. Plus Judge McAfee likely will not be a fan of this public statement on the case, especially after what he said about her church speech. I think he was giving her the opportunity to step off the case, and she should have. 

But the way she’s talking here, it seems she thinks that this has turned her into a hero; her ego wouldn’t permit her to do so. She may think she has a future on MSNBC and who knows, she might. They’re shameless, too. But she still has a gauntlet of inquiries and investigations to deal with after her actions. 

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