Former Mob Boss Sammy ‘the Bull’ Gravano Blasts Biden’s ‘Treason,’ Other Scandals – RedState

Former Mob Boss Sammy ‘the Bull’ Gravano Blasts Biden’s ‘Treason,’ Other Scandals – RedState

As evidence continues to drop in the Biden Family Business scandal, the side stories continue to grow more interesting. Now a former “notorious” mobster has analyzed the myriad of charges and allegations.

Former mob boss Sammy “the Bull” Gravano appeared on “Jesse Watters Primetime” on Thursday night to weigh in on the matter, at one point telling Watters he believes that Joe Biden not only committed “treason,” but also that he (Gravano) was a choir boy compared to Joe. 

Watters kicked off the segment with a “Fox News Alert.”

Brand new developments in the Biden bribery scandal. You remember how Joe Biden cashed a $40,000 check that came from China? The White House says Biden’s brother was paying Joe back. … And now we have proof that they lied. A money-laundering investigator blew the whistle. 

Background: here, here, and here.

Watters then brought Gravano on air. “Here now, notorious former mobster, Sammy “the Bull.” How ya doing, Sammy?” Gravano dove right into the issue at hand.

I’m doing pretty good. I heard your opening monologue, and it’s an incredible story. I mean, it’s mind-blowing. I don’t understand how the country is just sitting back, listening to these things, and no action is being taken. 

If you want my opinion, there are so many guys that I know who would go to prison for 20-to-life-time sentences for this kind of stuff. And when it comes from the president, the vice president, people like that, it’s beyond theft; it’s treason to a country. 

I remember when I was younger and I was in the military. Treason was something that you would face the death penalty for because you’re robbing every man, woman, and child — every race; black, white, Hispanic, [and] Asian. You can’t get a more disgusting crime than this.

I’ve been hearing it, over and over again, and I don’t understand why there’s no action.

Be honest — you didn’t expect that from a former “notorious” mob boss, right? Me, neither.

Watters asked Gravano to clarify his allegations against the Bidens:

So you’re saying that the Biden family is treasonous, and the feds know they’re dealing with a treasonous family, but [that] many honest people in the federal government are afraid to speak out because they’ll be fired and destroyed.

Again, Gravano went bottom-line — including about the state of the FBI and the federal government as a whole, as he sees it.

Yes, without a doubt. I cooperated years ago — everybody knows it was the FBI, the federal government, different prosecutors — and they were so honest, it was unbelievable. I was proud to be with them for a while. I’m still friends with a lot of them, and some of them tell me, ‘Sammy, I spent my whole life in the FBI. I’m embarrassed to tell somebody I’m an ex-FBI agent.’ And I say, ‘Don’t feel like that. Let’s get out [and] speak, talk against it, do something.’ 

“Our forefathers died for this country,” he continued. 

“I’m a veteran, I go to the V.A. Hospital, and I see people walking around with a leg, without an arm, they fought for us. … How do you think these people feel when they go home and look in the mirror? Everything they gave for us, and we’re sitting back and doing absolutely nothing. I don’t care how much power they got [sic] on their side. We have the people. The people are the power. If we don’t talk, if we don’t say something, then we’re part of it — we become complicit with what’s going on.”

Amen. From a former mob boss, no less.

The Bottom Line

While Gravano spoke in broad generalizations — “No action is being taken,” “Nobody’s doing anything about it,” et al. — the power of his message could not have been truer. I found that profound, particularly given his background. I hope you did, as well. 

As the never-ending story of the Biden Family Business drags on, we need more Sammy “the Bull” Gravanos in this country and fewer people who simply fire up social media and pontificate about it.

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