Former Trump Staffer Sees Her Honeymoon on ‘The View’ Come to an Abrupt End – RedState

Former Trump Staffer Sees Her Honeymoon on ‘The View’ Come to an Abrupt End – RedState

I regret to inform you that Stephanie Grisham’s honeymoon on ABC’s “The View” has ended abruptly. Grisham, who served briefly as Donald Trump’s press secretary after leaving Melania Trump’s staff, has been angling for a full-time position on the liberal roundtable show that includes such mental titans as Whoopi Goldberg, Sunny Hostin, and Joy Behar.

To this point, Grisham had received plaudits as an anti-Trump voice, by dishing dirt about her time in the White House. Things took a sudden turn on Wednesday, though, when she dared to disagree with her liberal co-hosts about the border crisis.

The Daily Wire provides a transcript of some of what transpired.

“I come from a border state so I can speak to it pretty well. Arizona — 20 years I lived there, and I’ve seen what open border policies can do to the country and to the people who are trying to get into this country,” Grisham said.

“What do you mean by open border?” co-host Sunny Hostin asked.

“People who are – well, like this. If they lift this, people are going to go from 7,000 people getting into the country every day to 18,000,” Grisham continued.

Hostin asked, “So you’ve seen open border policies. What do you mean by that?”

I love the playing dumb act by Hostin, who has quickly become one of the most insufferable people in media. Why, whatever do you mean by “open borders,” she asks–as if it’s some great mystery of the universe that the Biden administration’s policies have promoted illegal immigration and constituted de facto open borders. There are countless videos of illegal immigrants being released into the interior. That is what “open borders” is, and that Hostin is too vapid to understand that isn’t exactly a ringing endorsement of her cognitive abilities.

Things continued from there, with Behar and Hostin snarking back at Grisham multiple times.

“There are bad people who are also coming into this country,” Grisham pushed back, saying that an open border was like an advertisement to China that fentanyl could be easily trafficked into the country.

“Why does this sound like Fox News?” Joy Behar asked then.

“Because I’m a Republican,” Grisham reminded her.

“Are you spewing talking points here? What are your numbers? I don’t see stats,” Behar continued.

“I lived in Arizona. I saw these things,” Grisham continued.

“How much could you see? You’re one person,” Behar dismissed Grisham’s claim.

I’m especially amused by the demand for “numbers” and “stats” from Behar, who has never delivered a well-formulated argument in her life. But if she wants numbers, she could start with the exploding number of CBP encounters over the last year. She could also check out the number of deaths in America related to fentanyl, which largely comes across the Southern border illegally. The demand that someone speaking on the current border crisis give a dissertation of evidence it’s happening before doing so is asinine and juvenile. It’s like asking for evidence that the sky is blue while standing outside.

Hostin, in a completely expected move, also alleged that racism was behind the current immigration crisis–a claim that makes no sense whatsoever.

“It does not. When you say they’re coming in illegally, I take umbrage to that, especially because 14,000 Haitians were expelled under the Biden Administration,” she said.

Hostin went on to suggest that racism was at the root of the immigration problem, noting that no one seemed to be upset about the refugees coming in from Afghanistan and Ukraine and adding, “So it seems to me that the law is okay for some people, but not okay for people that look like me. I don’t like that.”

Actually, there are people who have taken issue with the masses of refugees coming from Afghanistan and Ukraine (the latter hasn’t really started to happen yet). But in the case of Afghanistan, for example, most Americans are fine with helping those who helped the United States as translators and such. That is not at all comparable to an economic migrant crossing the border illegally. Further, those coming from war zones have real asylum claims. The vast majority of illegal immigrants crossing the Southern border are economic migrants and are abusing the asylum system.

But to a leftwinger, everything must be shoved into the prism of their worldview, and for Hostin, that means crying racism about some Haitians being sent back, when millions of Hispanics have likewise been deported over the last several years.

Regardless, what is so hilarious about this entire exchange is that Grisham has been desperately fishing for acceptance from the left, from her tell-all book to her recent appearances in media. Yet, the very second she steps out of line on something as fundamental as the border crisis, she’s cast into the outer darkness. There’s a lesson there, though I suspect Grisham won’t be willing to learn it. The left’s love is always conditional, and you play their game at your own risk.

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