Inflation Is Eating Biden’s Presidency Alive

Inflation Is Eating Biden’s Presidency Alive

CNN data analyst Harry Enten said Wednesday on “Anderson Cooper 360” that the presidency of Joe Biden is being eaten alive by record inflation.

Enten said, “Back in July of 2021, a year ago, no one was saying inflation was a concern outside of Larry Summers. Then it started picking up in December of 2021. Now, it is a clear number one issue, and we see this clear correlation as more people are concerned about inflation, Joe Biden’s disapproval rating climbs ever higher.”

Cooper said, “Larry Summers did get it right.”

Enten said, “He did.”

He added, “Yeah, so we can look at both Joe Biden’s disapproval rating on inflation and Joe Biden’s disapproval rating overall, and what we see is his disapproval rating on inflation is topping 70%. His disapproval rating overall is still in the 50s. But, if you compare that to every single other president at this point in their first term throughout polling history, this goes all the way back since the 1940s. He is the worst on both. The reason he is worst overall is because inflation is eating his presidency alive at this point.”

Enten concluded, “If you match up Joe Biden and Donald Trump, their favorable ratings, Joe Biden is slightly higher than Donald Trump. Not that he’s a popular guy, but 41% is a higher favorable rating than 39%. This gets at what Joe Biden was talking about, why he welcomes this because I’m fairly convinced at this point that the only candidate Joe Biden could beat is Donald Trump.”

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