Iowa AG Bird to Newsmax: School Leaders’ Genocide Comments ‘Mindblowing’

Iowa AG Bird to Newsmax: School Leaders’ Genocide Comments ‘Mindblowing’

It’s “mindblowing” for leaders of elite universities such as Harvard to say that calls for genocide may not be a violation of school policy, Iowa Attorney General Brenna Bird said on Newsmax Tuesday. 

“Something has to be done about it,” Bird, the first Republican attorney general in Iowa since 1979, told Newsmax’s “Newsline.” “We’re seeing antisemitism popping up all over the country as people are coming out into the open and you know we have to deal with this. This is very serious.”

Meanwhile, Bird has co-authored a letter to media outlets after reports that some had employed freelance journalists with direct ties to Hamas during the Oct. 7 attacks in Israel. The letter calls on companies to ensure that workers conform to laws concerning affiliations with terror organizations. 

“What’s happening with Hamas and terrorism,” she told Newsmax. “It is shocking. It’s horrific and it’s also shocking to realize that major news organizations right here in the U.S. were paying people to gather those news sources, whether it’s photos or video, who were terrorists and just not doing the background.”

She added that she wanted to know how those people knew to be available on Oct. 7 to film the carnage that ocurred. 

“If a news organization pays a terrorist for their news, that’s wrong,” Bird said. ‘That’s illegal, and I call on them, now that they’re on notice, they need to look into who they’re paying, and make sure they’re not giving one dime to a terrorist.”

Bird also discussed former President Donald Trump’s lead in Iowa’s polling. 

“[He] just got a poll that came out here in Iowa from the Des Moines Register showing a historic number of people in Iowa, 51% supporting him from all different demographics, all different kinds of people,” she said. “His support is strong. It’s intense, and it’s looking good, but we’re going to work all the way up till Jan. 15 and go to the caucuses.”


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