Israel Makes ‘Roof Knock’ Strike on Suspected Hamas-Occupied Building, Then Levels It – RedState

Israel Makes ‘Roof Knock’ Strike on Suspected Hamas-Occupied Building, Then Levels It – RedState

We’ve been hearing horrible stories of what the Hamas terrorists did to Israelis during the attack over the past day — firing rockets into Israel, kidnapping people, killing them, and parading bodies through the streets. 

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu declared war and said that Hamas “will pay a price it has never known before.”

The counter-attack from Israel is now underway, and because of the brutal nature of the Hamas attack, Israel is not going to leave any stone unturned in their response. They’ve gone too far this time. A lot of killing of Hamas is about to follow. 

However, even in that, Israel shows their fundamental humanity and how different their response is. Hamas fires rockets on civilian areas, kidnaps and kills Israeli women and children, then runs and hides in residential buildings, using the cover of their own women and children. The purpose is to terrorize and harm Israeli civilians, then try to avoid any consequences. But Israel — which could just take out the buildings — does something extraordinary on behalf of civilians. They do what’s called a “roof knock” strike with a low-level explosive to warn any non-combatants to get out before the full strike comes. Hamas targets civilians deliberately, while Israel does everything it can, even under these circumstances, having undergone a dastardly attack, to minimize civilian casualties. 

You can see such a roof knock on the Palestine Tower depicted on Al Jazeera live as they’re talking about the battle, and one of their correspondents is on a nearby roof. Hamas offices were believed to be in the building. 

That is the warning if you’re a non-combatant, and you better heed it if you want to avoid what’s coming for Hamas next. 

Here’s what came next when the Israelis then leveled the building. 

Israel is going to let loose, and Hamas is not going to like what’s to come.

Meanwhile, the actions of the Biden team have only exacerbated the situation. There are reports the Taliban wants to come and help Hamas, which will only widen the war. There are also reports that some of the weapons that Biden left behind in Afghanistan found their way to Gaza in the months before the attack on Saturday. And that’s on top of the Biden team’s response about the $6 billion that they released that had been held back from Iran, which shows how ridiculously naive they are, not understanding that if they release money that can now be used for food and medicine, that frees up money that Iran can use on other things — like supporting terrorism.

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