Jim Hanson: Biden’s Return to Obama Team Dangerous

Jim Hanson: Biden’s Return to Obama Team Dangerous

Joe Biden’s foreign policy team will mark a return to Obama-era actions, and will make both the United States and the world a more dangerous place, Jim Hanson, president of the Security Studies Group, said Friday. 

“Joe Biden has an unblemished record in foreign policy of being wrong on every substantive issue in the past 40 years,” Hanson said on Fox News’ “Fox and Friends First,” noting that President Barack Obama’s Secretary of Defense Robert Gates “said exactly that, that he has been wrong, and he worked with him.”

Hanson also ridiculed the idea that Biden would bring in “a bunch of Obama-Biden-era retreads and go ahead and refix our standing in the world.”

‘If you think our standing should be standing behind everybody else, that’s what he’s looking to do,” said Hanson. 

Meanwhile, Biden’s picks, including Tony Blinken as secretary of state and John Kerry as the presidential envoy for climate change, show that the nation’s foreign policy “absolutely will not be different,” said Hanson.

“The supposed crowning achievement of the Obama-Biden administration was the Iran deal,” he said, noting that Biden’s pick of Jake Sullivan as his national security adviser and Blinken are “two of the main architects” of the agreement. 

Meanwhile, Trump had considerable foreign policy achievements, said Hanson, the biggest of which was in forging substantive peace deals between Israel and the Arab Gulf states through the Abraham accords, and Hanson said the Biden administration would be “crazy to” undo those agreements. 

“What they will try to do is get some free gifts for the Palestinians, who are the ones who were rewarded for their bad behavior by being left out of this,” he said. “What I think will happen is the Saudis will sign a deal with Israel potentially before the end of the Trump term and the Biden administration will get that goodwill out of it if they are put in place.”

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