Joe Biden Lies About Shouting New Jersey Hecklers

Joe Biden Lies About Shouting New Jersey Hecklers

President Joe Biden grew defensive after residents yelled criticism at him during a visit to New Jersey.

As Biden toured destroyed homes in Manville, New Jersey, caused by flooding, two men were spotted standing in the yard of an area home where a Trump flag was flying.

The pair along with other residents off-camera shouted that Biden should “go home,” “resign,” and expressed their disgust with his lack of leadership in Afghanistan.

“Best friend died in Afghanistan for what? For this guy to pull this shit?” one man yelled, citing the name of his friend who was killed.

“Unbelievable what our country has become,” one woman shouted. “And I say our country because I’m an immigrant and this is my country.”

Another person in the neighborhood shouted, “Go to sleep, Sleepy Joe!”

But Biden claimed afterward that the protesters were upset about his position on climate change, despite the obvious criticism of his failure in Afghanistan.

“The people who stand on the other side of the fences who don’t live there, who are yelling that we’re talking about interfering with free enterprise by doing something about climate change — they don’t live there,” he said afterward during a speech in New York.

But Biden’s claim appeared to be false. At no point in the video did it appear the protesters mentioned climate change or Biden’s climate policies.

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