Kellyanne Conway to Newsmax: ‘Deep Admiration’ for Trump ‘Won’t Change’

Kellyanne Conway to Newsmax: ‘Deep Admiration’ for Trump ‘Won’t Change’

Expecting a “very nice complimentary statement” about her new book, former White House senior adviser Kellyanne Conway told Newsmax she was surprised to be the target of former President Donald Trump’s ire Thursday morning.

“I was told last night that I was going to get a very nice complimentary statement — I actually read it on my email from the president about the book,” Conway told “Prime News,” responding to Trump’s critical Truth Social remarks. “So something changed overnight.

“But, look, I have deep admiration, affection, and gratitude toward President Trump, and that won’t change.”

Conway is making the rounds pitching her new book, “Here’s the Deal: A Memoir,” where she chronicled the White House boys club into which Trump boldly injected the perspectives of powerful women like Conway, Sarah Sanders, Ivanka Trump, and Mercedes Schlapp.

Trump’s Truth Social post was less than complimentary.

“Kellyanne Conway never told me that she thought we lost the election,” he wrote, responding to an excerpt in the book where Conway suggested the evidence could not stop President Joe Biden’s election. “If she had I wouldn’t have dealt with her any longer — she would have been wrong — could go back to her crazy husband. Writing books can make people say some very strange things. I wonder why?”

Conway clarified the claims in her book to co-hosts Jenn Pellegrino and Schlapp, which Conway said were spun against Trump in the media.

“They came up short with the evidence in time to produce it to the electors to certify the election results, so that’s what that conversation was about,” Conway, the first woman in U.S. history to lead a victorious presidential campaign in 2016, said. “I’m heartbroken that he lost. I certainly voted for him. I wish he were president now, because he was a great president. And I wish he were president now because we have a man-made disaster of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.”

Asked if Conway would return to a potential Trump campaign after the November midterms, or a Trump administration after 2024, she demurred on Trump asking her to return to run her campaign.

“Well, a day like today doesn’t sound like he will — talk to me yesterday or another day,” Conway joked after Trump’s critical remarks. “But, no, so seriously speaking, I know he’s itching to get back there because he has unfinished business. And Mercedes worked there, and she knows that he’s always focused on what’s the next thing we can do, what’s the next thing we can tackle?

“And Donald Trump is like the rest of us and the majority of Americans, according to all these polls: He is distraught, if not angry, about what we all see going on in the Biden-Harris America.”

But Conway, who had to resign from the White House in September of 2020 to focus on her family, marvels at how Trump sacrifices to serve the American people.

“I think the big question for him would be — this is me talking now — is it worth all the nonsense that they put on his shoulders, all the investigations and the hounding of him and his family?” Conway said. “It’s endless. I know he loves this country enough to do it. I know he knows he did a great job and would like would like to get back in it.

“So I think the odds are very good that he does run for president. This being May 2022.”

Conway did not rule out a reuniting with Trump before 2024.

“I’m gonna do my highest and best use,” she continued. “I’m going to look at the landscape and see if I could be helpful — if it’s the best and highest use for my children, giving their ages and stages. But I share the focus of getting rid of Biden-Harris and restoring the freedoms and personal liberties and respect around the globe, frankly, and an economy that works for the job-creator, the job-seeker, and the job-holder. All three of them need to feel like they are being nurtured and cared for by our presidency.

“So, if there’s a space for me to do that, I will be there.”

Conway famously had a husband who turned on Trump while she was working in the White House, lamenting her husband “went for Twitter over” supporting her role in the Trump administration.

“I write about it with tremendous sadness that I have family members, a husband who disagrees with me politically — how it’s affected our family,” she said. “He changed his mind. He went for Twitter over me.”

Ultimately, she blames George Conway for feeding the media thirst to “get Trump.”

“Saying that the media is biased is like saying ocean is wet: We already know that,” she said. “I think it was next level to see the way they felt that my marriage that my teenage children were any of their business, let alone should be part of their daily storylines.

“And I say that, Jenn and Mercedes, for very simple reason the job of the media is to get the story. It’s not to get the president and the people around him. And, sure, George changes mind about Donald Trump, maybe even about me.

“George and I both accepted jobs by President Trump. George has every right to change his mind. His vows are not to Donald Trump. My vows were not to Donald Trump — but to love, honor, and cherish — but making every single tweet of George Conway like a federal case and a big story played into not just how biased some of the media are but how lazy some of them are. They’re very lazy.”

Back to Trump’s criticism and cold review of her book, Conway made it clear Jan. 6 and election fraud are just more of the media’s ruse attack Trump to keep him from returning to office for his 74 million voters.

“I believe that we need to focus more on the 74 million Americans who voted for Donald Trump,” Conway said. “I mean, that is record number turnout for a sitting president, a remarkable number.

“Most of them weren’t in the nation’s capital on Jan. 6. I think to the mainstream media and the Democrats every day is Jan. 6. It’s all they ever want to talk about.

“But we have to really think about those folks, because they’re hurting under the Biden-Harris economy. They’re hurting without the independence. They’re hurting right now. And they are saying it was so much better not so long ago: ‘How do we get it back?'”


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