Kyle Rittenhouse’s Latest Move Drives the Left Apoplectic Yet Again – RedState

Kyle Rittenhouse’s Latest Move Drives the Left Apoplectic Yet Again – RedState

The left is melting down over Kyle Rittenhouse again.

Rittenhouse tweeted a video that he didn’t make of a meme that used his crying during his trial to criticize Joe Biden over gas prices.

“No, it’s not Lemon Heads …,” Rittenhouse writes. “It’s the burning hole in my pocket thanks to a Joe Biden presidency.”

The left had mocked his crying, with some even suggesting he was faking it. The “lemon heads” was a reference to LeBron James mocking him.

Imagine when you hope for a fair trial, but the liberal media is against you — and even the man who occupies the White House is falsely demonizing you as a white supremacist.

This was his response saying: no, it wasn’t fake. I think that – by tweeting about it – it’s sort of his way of taking it back from them.

But, it doesn’t change the facts in the case, which were fully covered by video and showed Rittenhouse acted in self-defense.

Now, the left has lost their minds that he’s mocking them back. Some didn’t even realize it was an obvious meme, made up of the trial testimony; they thought, somehow, Rittenhouse ‘reenacted’ it.

So much for critical thinking. But then, that’s why they’re liberals to begin with. They’re allowed to mock him, but he can’t mock them back.

Some implied this video showed that, somehow, he was guilty.

You had even this MSNBC “legal contributor,” Katie Phang, thinking that Rittenhouse posting this meme would impact the jury.

Those tweets neglect the fact that the jury was able to see virtually every minute of what occurred in the incident and so, could see the self-defense. Plus, how would posting a meme now have anything at all to do with their decision then? They’re supposed to only make their decision based on the facts of the case, not politics or whatever the left would like them to consider.

In looking at it, it’s stunning how many of the folks on the left still have no idea of the facts of the case including not knowing the people shot were white, not knowing he didn’t bring the gun across state lines (and that wouldn’t mean anything anyway), and other such leftist talking points.

But ultimately, it sounds like Rittenhouse may be the one who has the last laugh when it comes to the liberal media.

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