Lara Trump to Newsmax TV: Senate Decision Coming ‘Very Soon’

Lara Trump to Newsmax TV: Senate Decision Coming ‘Very Soon’

A decision on a long-anticipated run for Senate in her home state of North Carolina is coming “very soon,” Lara Trump tells Newsmax TV.

“I’m not ready to make an announcement about anything just yet, Carl, but it is something that I am still strongly considering,” Trump, the wife of former President Donald Trump’s son Eric, told “Saturday Report” host Carl Higbie. “I would love to represent the people of my home state in North Carolina, but it is as you know a very big decision. It means a lot of changes for our family. 

“We’re sort of working things out and I hope to have some to announce very soon.”

Newsmax’s John Gizzi reported earlier this week with the last Republican governor of North Carolina Pat McCrory potentially entering the race, it might lead to Lara Trump bowing out of consideration.

Lara Trump would be running for the Senate seat of retiring Sen. Richard Burr, R-N.C., who voted to impeach the former president earlier this year and once led the Senate Intelligence Committee investigations into alleged Russian meddling in President Trump’s 2016 election victory.

“Sadly the Democrats are trying to do everything possible to keep good people from running for office,” Lara Trump told Higbie, noting the attacks on the Trump family from political opposition on their allies in the media “does weigh a lot” on her decision.

“Their goal is to harass people to a point where they say, ‘gosh, it’s just not worth it.’ I would never [not] do something they try to dissuade me from doing it. And I think that should be the goal for us as Republicans we have to fight back against. We have to fight back against the cancel culture and the nonsense.”

Lara Trump added her “family is my No. 1 priority and it is something we have to discuss as a family, and we will continue to do so.”

Also under discussion are reported plans for the former president to start his own social media company after being banned on Twitter and Facebook in a massive censorship campaign against him, his administration, and MAGA-loving conservative Americans in a liberal-supporting big tech and mass media world.

“I’ll leave that up to him to make the big, big announcement,” Lara Trump said. “But, look, I do know there are roughly 75 million Americans – and probably a lot more than that – that feel like their voice does not have a home anywhere.

“They can’t go on these social media platforms as they currently exist and speak freely, quite frankly. They are censored as conservatives. We know we are censored. We have all felt it. We have all seen it in different ways.”

Lara Trump added, “my father in law ultimately wants to give people a space where you have your First Amendment right of freedom of speech.”

“And you’re not going to have the ‘fact checkers’ pouncing on you,” she continued. “I thought it was ridiculous during the campaign that I would post a photo of my children and I would get something sort of a bar at the bottom that said something like fact checkers about COVID-19. I’m like, this is about my kids.”

She concluded, “we need freedom and who better to provide it than President Trump.”

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