Lets Start off 2023 With Some Questions About Trump, Pelosi and Other Political Figures – RedState

Lets Start off 2023 With Some Questions About Trump, Pelosi and Other Political Figures – RedState

Donald Trump and Nancy Pelosi are in a bar talking about… that sounds like the beginning of a fabulous joke but alas there is no punch line, just the country getting punched by Washington D.C. and the rest of the swamp.

I’m starting off 2023 in the exact same mood that I ended 2022, having solidified my position as America’s favorite curmudgeon. I have some thoughts on what lies ahead and have some questions that you the audience of RedState may be able to answer. So in my lame attempt at humor in the sentence above was a brief shining moment of moi trying to lighten my own mood.

Unfortunately, the current condition of the country that I love as I look across the calendar of the next 12 months or so, 2023 does not have me hopeful. However, if anybody does have a punchline to the beginning of “Donald Trump and Nancy Pelosi in a bar,” send it along to me and I’ll be happy to repost it.

So here is some observations and some questions I have going forward for the New Year.

First off let’s start with POTUS 45, the one and only Donald Trump.

Trump launched his bid for the Republican nomination back after the 2022 midterms, but hasn’t really done anything since his announcement. He has had a number of hiccups including the odd notion of selling digital trading cards and breaking bread with Ye and some of his questionable guests.

So my first question here is when does Trump break his own self-imposed exile from Twitter?

I wrote about this back after Elon lifted the ban, acknowledging that Donald Trump has the chance to “Make Twitter Great Again,” and I still think he needs to get back there ASAP. Truth Social is cute and all but they just recently rolled out the ability to do direct messages almost a year after launching and since Twitter is a free speech zone again it is once again the place to be. Trump OWNED Twitter with his takes and he needs to return.

Also, if the Trump campaign continues to not gain steam in 2023, will he drop out and run as a third-party candidate? I can tell you that if he does pull a Ross Perot,vthat will show that he is not interested in Making America Great Again but just giving whatever warm corpse that has a D after its name the White House again.

Nancy Pelosi, of course, won another two-year term as the representative from San Francisco but she will be turning over the gavel most likely to Kevin McCarthy in a couple of days. Pelosi’s time is nearly done in D.C. and I’m wondering how long before she resigns the seat. I personally don’t think she makes it past the end of March and will decide to give it up and go hang out with her for her husband Paul, who seems to need some time spent with her after missing her so much while she was in the nation’s capital.

Kevin McCarthy most likely will be elected the next Speaker of the House, but with the small margin that the Republicans hold and a caucus that is not quite sure of him, how long will he be Speaker if he’s elected? The ice that he is on is so thin it’s bound to crack sooner rather than later.

Now that the Democrats are in the minority in the House of Representatives, how long is it before AOC decides to give up her seat and decide to hit the college tour where she will be paid gobs of money and have young Marxist mines full of mush admire her?

Finally, two of our favorite people here at RedState – soon-to-be former Representatives Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger – are both going to be unemployed this week. So which one ends up at MSNBC and which one ends up at CNN as paid contributors? I don’t think both of them would end up on the same network but if they did they could continue their political romance on a crossfire-like show that would help two-thirds of the audience fall asleep quickly and efficiently.

Those are some of the basic predictions and observations I have to kick off the New Year, if you have any questions comments, or concerns leave them below here at my bio and I will give them a once over and may add them in a future story.

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