Lou Holtz: Biden, Dems ‘Catholics in Name Only’

Lou Holtz: Biden, Dems ‘Catholics in Name Only’

Sharing the ideals of the Catholic university he was a legendary football coach of, former Notre Dame football coach Lou Holtz said Joe Biden and the Democrats are “Catholics in name only.”

“Nobody has been a stronger advocate for the unborn than President [Donald] Trump,” Holtz said in an address to the Republican National Convention on Wednesday night. “The Biden-Harris ticket is the most radically pro-abortion campaign in history.

“They and other politicians are Catholics in name only, abandoning innocent lives. President Trump protects those lives.”

Holtz’s speech focused on three questions Trump can answer in the affirmative for him: 1. trust in protecting the unborn; 2. commitment to excellence; 3. love of all people.

“President Trump loves our country and our great people,” Holtz said. “Trust, commitment, and love: in President Trump, we have a president we can trust. He works hard in making America greater and genuinely cares about people. If I apply this test to Joe Biden, I can’t say yes to answer these three questions.”

Holtz began his speech calling out those too quick to blame President Trump for their problems.

“There are people today who play politicians, professors, protesters, and, of course, President Trump’s naysayers in the media, who likes to blame President Trump for their problems,” Holtz said. “They don’t have pride in our country. And because they no longer ask, ‘what can I do for my country,’ only what our country should be doing for them.

“They don’t have pride for themselves. That’s wrong.”

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