Mark Morgan to Newsmax TV: Border Rancher ‘Does Not Feel Safe to Leave House’

Mark Morgan to Newsmax TV: Border Rancher ‘Does Not Feel Safe to Leave House’

Mark Morgan, former Acting Commissioner of Customs and Border Protection, told Newsmax TV Thursday that he spoke with ranchers, and one, in particular, said he did not feel safe to leave his home.

“I heard from a rancher that stood up, almost tears in his eyes; very emotional, very genuine, and he said right now, with the volume of illegal immigrants crossing his land, he does not feel safe to leave his house and leave his family.”

Morgan spoke to “Stinchfield” outlining what happens when armed smugglers have no fear of trespassing on private ranch land. He described the issue as only being a “matter of time” before an altercation occurs between those crossing the border and ranchers who operate along the border.

“It was heart wrenching because not only did they talk about the impact of their land and what may seem trivial to us; it’s not if you talk to ranchers. You talk about fences being knocked down, gates being left open. That impacts their herd and their livestock, causing them countless dollars, and really damaging their land.”

Morgan said he was concerned that Tucson Police Chief Chris Magnus, who President Joe Biden has nominated to lead Customs and Border Protection, could exacerbate the problem  at the border. Morgan said, “He’s pro-amnesty. He’s pro sanctuary cities. He’s against the wall.

“So the guy that absolutely is not listening to border experts, refuses to work with them, and has called them out as being unprofessional for doing their statutory responsibility, that’s the guy right now they want to have to be commissioner of CBP.”

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