Matthew Whitaker to Newsmax: Evidence Supports Impeachment

Matthew Whitaker to Newsmax: Evidence Supports Impeachment

Former acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker told Newsmax on Saturday that “there is evidence” supporting President Joe Biden’s impeachment.

“There’s actually a prima-facie case right now that Joe Biden took official U.S. action, and his son got the financial benefits for that official action, and the company that he was on the board of directors [of] that had a problem got a benefit,” he said during an appearance on “The Count.”

“It’s very obvious to me that the Department of Justice knows where a bribery case is. It’s someone that thieves money or things of value, whether themselves or through their family, in order for official action,” Whitaker said.

“And that sounds a lot like the Burisma situation, where Joe Biden, as vice president, leveraged a billion dollars in U.S. loan guarantees for Ukraine to fire the prosecutor that was investigating Burisma. So, you know, this is why the impeachment inquiry is happening,” he continued.

“Yeah, it’s pretty rich actually to think about the first impeachment against Donald Trump and how there was no evidence and actually that phone call with the, you know, Ukrainian prime minister ultimately has proven to be fairly accurate, that President Trump was looking for, you know, this, this connection that demonstrated that Joe Biden had done exactly what the House is now going to investigate him for.

“But right now, I think they’re going to lay out the evidence piece by piece and make sure that it … is as damning as we’re all led to believe,” he said.


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