McConnell to Voters: Don’t Fret About Vote ‘Not Counting’

McConnell to Voters: Don’t Fret About Vote ‘Not Counting’

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., sought to calm voters on Friday, telling them “people should not worry about their vote not counting.”

“I don’t think people ought to worry about their vote not counting,” McConnell told reporters on Friday, according to The Washington Post. “And I would encourage people: They’ve got three options in Kentucky. You can vote early, you can vote on Election Day, or you can drop it in the mail.

“So I would encourage people not to worry about your vote not counting,” McConnell continued. “Choose which option is the best for you, but be sure and vote.”

McConnell added that the U.S. Postal Service “can handle this,” after some have raised doubts about whether mail-in votes will all be counted by the November election.

In August, the Postal Service sent letters cautioning that deadlines set by 40 states to return and count mail-in ballots may conflict with deliveries that have been delayed during the coronavirus crisis. That may mean mail-in votes won’t be counted during the election results.

President Donald Trump has cautioned that mail-in voting could bring about widespread fraud. He also seemed to suggest that people in North Carolina should vote twice, but later clarified his position by saying people who felt their mail-in vote wasn’t counted should then go vote in-person.

“Sign your mail-in ballot, OK? You sign it and send it in and then you have to follow it. And if on Election Day or early voting, that is not tabulated and counted, you go vote,” Trump told a crowd on Thursday. “And if for some reason after that — it shouldn’t take that long — they’re not going to be able to tabulate it because you would have voted.”

“But you have to make sure your vote counts because the only way they are going to be able to beat us is by doing that kind of stuff,” Trump added.

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