Napolitano to Newsmax: GOP Must Reveal Biden’s Misdeeds

Napolitano to Newsmax: GOP Must Reveal Biden’s Misdeeds

Former New Jersey Superior Court Judge Andrew Napolitano told Newsmax on Thursday that as House Republicans move forward with an impeachment inquiry of President Joe Biden, it’s important to communicate the president’s alleged misdeeds.

“The American public does not understand exactly what Joe Biden did wrong,” Napolitano said on Newsmax’s “Wake Up America.” “Did he trade the power of the American government for money for his son, whether or not that money went to him? That’s the question.

“Now, they’ve put him at the scene, and they have him engaging in these conversations, but was there a quid pro quo? That’s what the Supreme Court says they would have to prove.”

Napolitano questioned if Speaker Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif., has the votes needed to impeach Biden, given that there are more than a dozen vulnerable House Republicans whose districts went for Biden in the 2020 election.

“He has 18 Republicans in the House who were elected in congressional districts which Joe Biden defeated Donald Trump by greater than 60% to 40%, so those 18 are most unlikely to vote to move forward on impeachment,” Napolitano said. “On the other hand, he has some very aggressive committee chairs in Jim Comey and Jim Jordan, and they have succeeded thus far in unearthing what appears to be very damning information and behavior.

“It’s circumstantial, because it’s not direct testimony of what Joe Biden did, but it’s very, very damning and it makes one wonder why the White House isn’t defending the vice president’s behavior.

“Bear in mind, this behavior that is now under scrutiny and will be put under a magnifying glass soon, is his [Biden’s] behavior as vice president,” Napolitano continued. “So, if they impeach him, it will be for what he did as vice president, meaning if in the long run he is convicted in the Senate — not likely to happen, but if he were — he’s not going to be removed from office as president, but he could be barred from seeking a second term.”

Napolitano said that according to the Constitution, there are only two punishments for impeachment.

“One, removal from office if the offense for which the person was impeached occurred during their time in office, and they’re still in office — not the case for Joe Biden,” he said. “And two, a disability to seek federal office thereafter. So, if he were to be convicted in the Senate, there’s no office from which to remove him because he’s no longer vice president. But he could be barred from running for reelection.”

Napolitano also said he doesn’t think the Senate, including many Senate Republicans, has the appetite for another impeachment.

“They just went through it twice,” Napolitano said. “I understand tit for tat. I understand how aggrieved the Republicans were for [the Democrats] impeaching Trump, I understand how thin and weak those impeachments now appear from the distance of time, but I don’t think the Senate wants to go through this again.”

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