Newt Gingrich: Jan. 6 a Distraction, Pragmatism Over Politics

Newt Gingrich: Jan. 6 a Distraction, Pragmatism Over Politics

Democrats, along with the Biden administration, are tone-deaf regarding the practical needs of the American people, former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich told “The Cats Roundtable,” hosted by John Catsimatidis.

Speaking about the House Jan. 6 Select Committee’s first public hearing, Gingrich said, “I watched the entire two-hour committee launch (of the Jan. 6 hearings), and I thought it was Stalinist, Soviet-era, totally rigged, totally phony. It was an embarrassment. It’s not a congressional hearing. It was a propaganda device, and Americans should be enraged that they’re being subjected to this kind of dishonesty.”

Instead, Gingrich said, Democrats should be focusing on the practical needs of the American people, such as lowering the cost of gas, inflation, and other issues, rather than a media spectacle.

Regarding the president’s energy policy, Gingrich, in paraphrasing Biden, said, “‘I don’t know why the price of gas has gone up.’ You have to be an idiot to not have figured out that if you do everything you can to cripple the oil and gas industries, the result is going to be much higher prices. Democrats are going to have to go home and explain why you can’t afford food. You can’t afford gasoline. You talk about electric cars? You’re going to have blackouts in California this summer because they’re closing down electric-generating stations. And they don’t seem to understand that if you have an electric car, you need electricity. I know this is a big, bold idea.”

Commenting on the Biden administration’s importing of foreign oil rather than the focusing of efforts to produce domestically, Gingrich said, “It is not right or left; it is ‘crazy’ and ‘not crazy’ … We just did a survey and found that if you ask people, ‘Is it important to restore the America that works?’ 87% of the country just wants it to work. It’s not liberal or conservative. It’s ‘nuts’ versus ‘reality.’ What the Biden administration is doing on almost every front is closer to insanity than to a political philosophy.”

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